Mexican Dentist


We used to go to the dentist to take away tooth decay, we do crowns, implants, root canals, orthodontics, etc.., but never occur to us that cystitis, pain and swelling of the knees, among other diseases, may appear as a consequence of various dental treatments to which we are exposed, because...

Clinica Ortodoncia Avanzada Y Estetica

Clinica Estetica Y Ortodoncia Avanzada the dentist specializing in orthodontics, but work equally well as other services in dentistry. Mainly specialize in cosmetic dentistry, but equally well known preventive dentistry. Clinic is currently located in San Luis Potosi.

Clinica Dental

If you are looking for a dentist in Reynosa then the dentist "Clinica Dental" the right choice for you. A team of dentists with experience to solve your every problem and there are all the services in dentistry. A close to the border with the United States is a good option for saving...

Evolution Dental Care

Evolution Dental Care is dental clinic located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. This clinic offers various treatments in dental care with high quality and prices much lower than in USA, Canada or Europe. That's why this clinic welcomes everybody, if you are Mexican, or come from foreign country,...

Angel Hands Dental Clinic

Angel Hands Dental Clinic offers all you need for a bright and beautiful smile. Practice brings together a team of experienced dentists who continually monitor the development of dentistry and are able to solve every problem with your oral health. Office is located in Mexico City.

Dr Jose Hector Ramirez Rodriguez

Dr Jose Hector Ramirez Rodriguez his dental career building in Monterrey, where The patient solve dental problems, and also works makeover smile. Doctor held to high standards of hygiene and participates in many organizations.

Dentist At The Border

Dentist At The Border - stomstološka nearest clinic in Tijuana, just 50 meters from the border with the United States. Dental clinic in which 90% of patients `from other countries, and most of them from Nevada, San Diego and Canada. They all come because of the high quality of work and due to...

Dental Las Torres

Sunset Dental Cancun

One of the best dentists in Cancun Sunset Dental Cancun - Trusted Dentist, office is located in the famous Hotel Zone and their patients a view of the coast. Dental practice is here to fulfill all your expectations of dental tourism, dentists will give the best of yourself and Cancun best of...

International Dental Center Pv

International Dental Center – PV, also known as Smiles at Vallarta is a clinic which offers high quality and comprehensive dental care to everyone. The clinic is situated in city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. In International Dental Center – PV they strive to achieve the...

Smile Acapulco

Dental clinic located in the heart of Acapulco.  In the clinic currently works three dentists Dra. Iliana Bello Maraza, Dr. Airton Mejia Arredondo and Dr. Chavit Toledo Contreras. It has a team of professionals who specialize in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

ICD Institute Cosmetic Dentistry

THE IC  DENTISTRY VISION: We take the health and beauty of our patients to a new level. Our patients come first and are cared for with personal attention and genuine compassion. We take the necessary time to create a truly exceptional experience. We have strict guidelines in sterilization of...

Dr. Carlos Enrique Solis Moran

Dr. Carlos Enrique Solis Moran doctor with years of experience in working with patients. And they can provide everything you need for good oral health, and if necessary, it is possible to make a complete smile makeover at reasonable prices. Talking with patients by English or in Spanish. ...

Dra Aimee Hinojosa Rodriguez

Dr. Aimee Hinojosa Rodriguez his career building in the town of Saltillo, where patients helps to solve problems with oral health. Their work is done in rich equipped dental office with the latest technology.

Dental Office Plaza Fiesta

Dental Surgeon Hector Javier Lopez Amez doing in the Dental Office Plaza Fiesta, known dental office in Tijuana. Practice specializes in Odontology and Operative Dentistry. Dr. Hector has had a year of experience so that every intervention doing in the best possible way, using modern technology...

Cosmetic Dental Group Tijuana

Cosmetic Dental Group in Tijuana's not just a dentist, it is the practice that's been a lot of satisfied patients. The clinic, which has a good reputation and many Americans are coming for dental services that are far cheaper than in America. The office has the latest equipment and...

Yucatan Dentist Dr Javier Camara-patron

Yucatan Dentist – Dr. Javier Camara Patron is dental clinic which is located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. In this clinic the main focus is on their patients and their problems regarding dental care. In order to give them the right treatments, the team of five experts and five general...


Novadent chain of dental offices that have their own clinics across Mexico. The clinics operate only the best doctors in the field of dentistry. Their services are offered at reasonable prices, and experienced staff will take care of you during your stay in Mexico.

Dental Implants Center

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez-Carrera launched years ago Dental Implants Center in Tijuana, and since then only has numerous honors and awards for his work. And one of the biggest award him the satisfaction of their patients. One of the few doctors who can boast more than 26 years of experience and...


Dental Practice Dentagis is located in Los Girasoles, near Mexico City. Doctors offer services from general dentistry, endodontics, teeth whitening, etc.

Dra Lourdes Perez

Doctor in Tijuana with a degree in the hands of the 1981st She graduated from the the University of Baja California, and then specialized in Orthodontics, has also participated in many seminars. She currently works in Tijuana, where many patients come from America and Canada by quality work for...

Dr. Fernando Sanchez General Dentistry

Dr. Fernando Sanchez is a general dental practice in mid-2005 he moved to Nuevo Progreso, and before that he worked since 1993 in Monterrey. Since then, specializes in making bridges, dentures and orthodontics. Through his office has passed thousands of satisfied patients, will you be one of...

Dental Image

To give an outstanding service specialized in procedures of Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics, with patients of all ages, and to obtain both functional and cosmetic aspects of the mouth and facial region. To achieve our mission so we can be recognized in Baja as leaders in our specialty...

Experiencia Dental

Experiencia Dental by dr. Manuel Trevino Elizondo has an experience of over 28 years dedicated to dentistry and 30 years as a professor at the UANL.With the cutting edge techniques for a safe and reliable treatment at a time, working tools are used daily with the latest in dental technology such...

Dental Solutions - Los Algodones

Dr. Gilda Pimentel

Inter Dental Cancun

Clinimax Dental Practice

Clinimax Dental Practice has changed its name to Dental Med. Clinic was founded by Dr. Jose de Jesus Gomez Santana who has passed numerous courses and seminars in various fields of dentistry. Currently working in a clinic in Puerto Vallarta.

Dr. Felipe Cavazos Montemayor

Dr. Felipe Cavazos Montemayor is a doctor with years of experience and his dental clinic opened Garza Garcia, is currently involved in a variety of organizations that monitor developments in dentistry.

Dentalia Guadalajara

Opening Dentalia office in Guadalajara is just one of the logical steps for this clinic. The aim is to provide excellent dental care almost as many inhabitants of Mexico. In Mexico's we have currently 49 open offices and this in Guadalajara is specialized in dental tourism. Book your appointment...