Rio Dental Clinic


Rio Dental Clinic is clinic which provides solutions and treatments in the field of dental care, and is situated in Juarez, Mexico. The location is great because the clinic is very close to El Paso, Texas, USA, which is even better for international patients knowing they are half an hour away from top quality dental care in half or more the price they would pay back home. Rio Dental Clinic is completely furnished with state of the art technology in dentistry and modern facilities and along with excellent educated and highly skilled staff licensed to practice the dental care, it's the perfect solution to all of your problems. Now, patients can combine the same high quality, comprehensive dental care as back home only with no fear of bankruptcy. The staff speaks fluent English and will assist you with everything plus they will make your stay painless and enjoyable. Here, at Rio Dental, they don't just offer you healthy teeth and great, improved smile, but also commitment and fully attention to every patients as individual. They follow standardized hygiene protocols and preform in clean and safety environment.

Opening hours: 
Mon  8:00 -   6:00pm
Tue  8:00 -   6:00pm
Wed  8:00 -   6:00pm
Thu  8:00 -   6:00pm
Fri  8:00 -   6:00pm
+1 8008868023

Rio Dental Clinic

Minutes from El Paso TX
Latitude: 31.698601
Longitude: -106.431000

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