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Tracey’s Dental Clinic is a leading Dental service in Los Algodones in Mexico, a tiny town with thousands of visitors every day from the USA and Canada.  We were started by Adriana and Marcela Tracey and Doctor Josue Guillen DDS 4 years ago after over 20 years of serving client dental needs.  We speak English as our native language, and we specialize in needs for serious dental specialty work, including crowns, implants, inlays, and root-canal work. We are in Baja California, directly on the USA-Mexico border 7 miles west of Yuma, Arizona and 2 miles south of US Interstate 8.  Los Algodones is a friendly little town with 800 dentists and thousands of American tourists each day. Tracey’s Dental Clinic provides: > High-Quality Professional Dental services, >  Friendly and Comfortable surroundings, >  Extremely Reasonable Prices. Visitors who want #1 top-quality care for their teeth come to Tracey’s from all over the USA, Canada and Europe. Visitors obtain the same level of care and attention that they get from their local dentist, and they Save Money – AS MUCH AS 70% SAVINGS AND MORE!


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