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The best Dentists in Mexico, this Dental Tourism Guide was made with the dental tourist in mind. Months of research and web design was put into our website to help you thru journey of going abroad for a dental procedure. Take the time to explore the possibility of savings by establishing a professional relation with some of the best dentists in Mexico. Over the course of this articles, you will learn that there are many different treatments options and treatment price. Going with the cheapest price is not always the best options, there are average price in dentistry. We have made numerous price comparisons from different cities and Dentist in Mexico. There is a broad selection of dentists and cities you can travel in Mexico for your dental work. Finding the most competent, caring and well-equipped Dentist in Mexico within your budget will take a little bit of research!

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Dentist in Mexico: What to know before Traveling

How to Choose The right provider at the right price?, What should I be paying for the service?, Are there Risks Involved? , Safety, Reviews, Locations, Popularity, Credentials? These are some of the questions you are probably asking your self. Our guide is divided into prices sections, treatment sections, and individual clinic profiles. Dental services can often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, traveling to Mexico for your dental treatment is a wonderful way to save your hard earn money. Is there a risk? Of course, but if you choose the right provider right clinic this risk can substantially be reduced, and the benefits can be great.

Price examples of some of the most popular treatments in Mexico

Porcelain Veneers Mexico Cost

Porcelain Veneers in Mexico can Range anywhere from $280 USD to $600 USD, Depending on the locations of the Dentist in Mexico, the materials, and the type of veneers, There is Many Quality Brands of High Grade Porcelain, The most Common used by dental tourism companies is either E.Max by Ivoclar Vivadent or Empress Porcelain. Cosmetic Treatments can be done in a short timeframe visit to Mexico, Find out More about dental veneers and clinics that offer this treatment them at the following links.
  • Porcelain Veneers Mexico Cost $280 to $600 USD

Zirconia Crown Mexico Cost

Zirconia Crowns are a great material for full mouth restorations and Molars, It is a very strong ceramic an is not layered so it does not fracture and material can’t chip off. The price ranges from $260 USD to $550 USD. The price mostly depends on the quality of the zirconia (China Vs Germany), The fees of the doctors, and if the crowns are made in-house or sent out. Usually clinics with an in-office lab have a faster turn around and lower price for these treatments. Find Out More regarding getting your zirconia crowns in Mexico. It is estimated that over 100,000 Crowns are done a year in Mexico to Dental tourists.
  • Zirconia Crown Mexico Cost $260 to $550 USD

Root Canal Mexico Cost

Root Canals in Mexico Range from $180 USD to $450 USD, The price difference depends on what tooth has to get a root canal, Usually Anterior Teeth (Front Teeth) Have a lower cost because they only have 1 canals, Bicuspids are MidRange, and molars are usually the most expensive, Teeth that have gotten previous root canals called re-treatments usually have a higher cost as-well. Some clinics charge per canal, complexity or a set price for everything. When finding a Dentist in Mexico to do a root canal it’s important to go to a clinic where the root canals are done by a specialist and has all the equipment like 3-D imaging, Endodontic Microscope, etc. Contact Root Canal Specialists in Mexico and find the best endodontist for a lower cost than in U.S or Canada.
  • Root Canal Mexico Cost $180 to $450 USD

Dental Implant Mexico Cost
Abutment + crown

Dental Implants range from $1100 USD to $2000 USD in Mexico, Depending on the quality of the implant, If it’s placed by a specialist, If a surgical guide is used, What material the restoration is made from, What type of abutment is used. Theses are important factors when choosing your dental implant provider in Mexico. High Quality Implant brands might be one of the Following in Mexico, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Hiossen, Implant Direct, Zimmer, Biomet, AB Implants, MIS Implants, theses are all relatively good implant, Crown restoration can be made out of zirconia, porcelain, gold, metal fused to porcelain, Composite, This may also vary the price a little. Also The abutment is an important factor is the dentist using a prefabricated one?, Custom Abutment, Cad/Cam Abutment, Zirconia Abutment. It is important to know these terms and what they consist when researching for the best facilities.
  • Dental Implant Mexico Cost $1100 to $2000 USD

All on Four Mexico Cost
Surgical + Restorative

All on 4 Treatments can vary in Costs Many facilities offer similar treatment but not all on 4. All on 4 is done with Nobel Biocare Implants and is a screw retained restoration, Cement restorations are not all on 4 and are not recommended as they cant be taken off. The average price of dentist in Mexico for an All on 4 Ranges From $7000 USD to 14000 USD, The price mostly depends on the volume of cases the clinic does, if they have an on-site lab and a specialists in house, calling a specialists in or sending the work out elevates the cost. Find a clinic with a specialists in implantation and rehabilitation, that has a 3D CBCT scan, and a On-site lab. Be-wary of small clinics, 1 man operations, facilities without the equipment and technologies as these can be expensive and complicated treatments if done right. Below compare price from clinics and read more about getting you all on 4 dental implants in Mexico.
  • All on Four Mexico Cost $7000 to $14000 USD

Snap in Dentures Mexico Cost One Arch

Snap on Dentures can vary in price drastically from each different provider, It all depends on what type of snap on restoration they are offering. Snap on Dentures can be preformed with either Mini Implants Or Regular Implants, on regular implant you can have either ball abutments, locators, or bar-retained snap on dentures. Understand the difference between what each snap in Denture type and find the best provider at the right price. Prices for snap on dentures in Mexico range from $2500 USD for Mini implants to $7000 USD for regualar implants and a bar-retained snap on denture. Understand which one is best for your case and choose the right provider in Mexico, It is estimated that over 50000 Dentures are made to dental tourist in Mexico a year.
  • Snap in Dentures Mexico Cost $2500 to $7000 USD

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All treatments comparative from different clinics in Mexico.

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The best Dentists in Mexico – Competitive Dental tourism Industry

The dental industry in Mexico is teeming with Life and has had a significant boost from 2009-2017. The highly competitive atmosphere facilitates the institution of highly enticing price cuts in dental services. This is especially true for towns near the united states border. A clear example of this would-be Los Algodones, Just a few Miles away from the state of Arizona. Commonly referred to as Molar City, the little dental town is notorious for having a pro-active group of salesmen representing different dental clinics waiting at the border. These sales bend over backwards offering just about every conceivable dental service calming that their clinic offers the best value for the money. Our Recommendation is to stay away from Hawkers.The race to gather customers and build of roster of loyal clientele is going on in Los Algodones and just about every other town. Because of the potency of the areas as dental profit sector, new dentists are enticed to take their talents to Mexico and brave the odds trying to put up shop only meet stiff competition against the more established dentist or dental facilities in Mexico.

Dentists in border of Mexico

border dentist

Mexico Border clinics are the most inexpensive way of getting your dental treatment in Mexico, Based on your locations one dental destination might be closer than another. Usually patients from Southern California Head to Tijuana, Rosarito, Los Algondones or Mexicali, Arizona especially Yuma will head to the Famous Molar City. Texas will go to the border towns of cuidad Juarez or Reynosa or take an inexpensive flight to Cancun Mexico.

Top Destinations for Clinics on the border

  • 1. Los Algodones – Most Dentist per Mile in the world, Over 400 Clinics all with in walking distance.
  • 2. Tijuana – Tijuana, Rosarito, Both have a wide selection of multi-diciplinary facilities, with multiple high quality dental clinics.
  • 3. Nuevo Progreso
  • 4. Nogales
  • 5. Juarez

Top Dental Tourist Destination in Mexico

  • 1. Cancun – High Quality Treatment Destination, some of the best dental clinics located in Mexico are here.
  • 2. Puerto Vallarta – Average dental tourism coming in for regular restorative work
  • 3. Los Cabos – Few good dentists, Industry in still emerging
  • 4. Playa Del Carmen – Many dentists well equipped facilities
  • 5. Mexico City – Some of the best Dentist in Mexico, Thousands of Clinics, we have listed some of the best.
The History of Dental Tourism
The Benefits of Dental Tourism
Choosing Your Dentist in Mexico

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