About wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last that come out and they are also known as third molars.

Wisdom teeth grow between the ages of 17 – 25, and from that fact derives its specific name.

Today, wisdom teeth have lost their function because of type of food we consume but in the past they were used to chop and grind food. Wisdom teeth can cause problems because of the lack of space around them e very often they do not have space for the right position and growth in the mouth. This can be noticed in time by radiography and also can be prevented.

If the wisdom teeth start to grow improperly, except the pain, they can also cause inflammation that can damage the bones and nerves of the neighboring teeth. If there is some problem, it is better to take out the wisdom teeth as soon as possible because in time the roots become longer and teeth become more difficult to remove.

Wisdom teeth extraction is not a complicated surgery; it is performed under local anesthesia.

After the surgery there may appear some swelling but this is normal and can be decreased with cold compresses. For a couple of days it is good to change the diet to a more soft food.

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