Cancun is a synonym of beautiful beaches, water fun and shopping, but it has also become an important destination for dental tourism. Thanks to its modern clinics, and the great savings offered by this paradise, there are more and more tourists who come for a renewed smile.
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If you will have a dental vacation in Cancun Mexico soon, and this mainly involves implants, bone grafts, full smile makeovers, extractions, pulpectomy or any dental surgery, we give you some tips about the six things you should avoid during it, but still enjoying this paradise.


Surely you cannot imagine a vacation in Cancun without drinking. If the picture of a white-sand beach, or party nights in any of Cancun’s famous night clubs without a drink seems inconceivable, you can change those images for wounds that cannot heal or anesthesia that cannot be applied by the excess of alcohol in your body, and you have a few days for that!

We recommend you order cocktails without alcohol (and without straws!), with this you not only help your body for a quick recovery, but you could also enjoy a wide variety of delicious non-alcoholic exotic drinks, like a piña colada without alcohol. We also suggest you avoid parties that end at sunrise, especially if your visit will involve dental surgery, your body and mind must be ready for those procedures.


If you would like to do some water activity in Cancun such as snorkeling, diving or riding a jet ski on the Caribbean or simply, being at the pool, during or after your treatment, could be a not very good idea. You should be aware that any type of procedure needs recovery time, and be in contact with seawater or worse, from a pool, can lead to complications, which can result from long and annoying scarring to painful infections that could affect the final result of your dental work.

If you really want to enjoy water activities in the sea and swimming in the pool, we recommend you do them before your first consultation.


Sorry, but that’s right, one of the worst decisions after dental treatment is sunbathing. If one of the first steps for recovery from a dental procedure is the use of ice, can you imagine what will happen if you do the opposite?

Being under the sun is the same as exposing the surgical area to heat, and it may cause pain, the inflammation of the wound, bleeding, and even the wound to open. It could also affect the final color of implants.

Don’t forget that you come to Cancun for a new smile, literally. But if you can’t return home without a tan, you could consider two days before your treatment for sunbathing. You can use a tanning accelerator to get bronzer faster, or indoor tanning lotion if you can’t count on those extra days.


Taking a tour is another thing to avoid during your dental vacation, and it is a combination of the previous points. For example, on tours to Mayan archeological sites, you must walk a lot in the middle of the jungle, and generally at high temperatures and with high humidity. That combination of heat and physical activity instead of helping you, could affect and you could not enjoy the tour either. Diving into a cenote also involves physical activity and being in contact with water.

But if you want to make the most of your vacation doing some tour, schedule them before your treatment, and take into account that some tours take a whole day.


Yes, you are in Mexico, but it’s not necessary to try spicy tacos, spicy nachos or any spicy meal. Although they are delicious, you need your entire mouth to be in excellent condition before and after the treatment. If you are not used to the spicy, you can get irritated and any dental work will be very uncomfortable during and after it.

You could try shrimp tacos without sauce, or grilled fajitas with no spicy.

Remember the reason that brings you to this beautiful place and the investment you are making on it. Besides your trip, you focus on preparing your body for a quick recovery too. Parties and tanning are temporary, while your new smile will be permanent!


travelerTry to avoid a trip against time as much as possible. Before traveling, investigate well how many days you will need for your complete treatment. While there are clinics such as Cancun Dental Specialists or Cancun Dental Designs that offer fast, reliable and accurate treatments, each process takes a different time, it’s not the same for a dental implant than a full smile makeover.

Having this information, add the days of travel, and time for water activities, tours or tanning sessions that we mentioned above, take into account the best recovery time for the ride back home too.

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