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Experience Dental Tourism under an ADA Accredited Dentist

Ensure the quality of your dental tourism experience in Mexico by booking your appointment with a dentist accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA is the largest dental association in the United States with over 157,000 members. However, it does not mean that all of the its members reside in the USA. Quite a number work across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. 
Highly Skilled and Accredited Dentists
The organization exerts an incessant effort to advance the dental profession amongst its members. It is an organization which advocates patient centered and science based service which conform to world class standards in medical ethics. This effort is best embodied in the services provided by ADA accredited dentists as well as products unto which it has conferred its seal of quality. 

Much of the qualms of Americans considering the possibility of becoming dental tourists rest on doubts as to the skill of dentists working in Mexico. These doubts lie in the possibility that dentists an Mexico are not up to speed with the latest in dental technology and modern practices in maintaining oral health. The organization addresses these doubts by offering an international accreditation program for dentists who practice their profession in a country other than the United States and those who do not have an active American dental license. Upon demonstrating their competence to the ADA, dentists in Mexico gain access to a broad range of membership benefits in order to better practice their profession. 

If you schedule your appointment with an ADA accredited dentist, you can rest assured that he is well read with regard to the latest in dental science. All accredited dentists have access to the prestigious Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). For more accurate diagnoses,  the accredited dentists can course your symptoms to the organization's evidence based dentistry website. Products for patients are also made available through the organization's accredited dentists. They play an integral role in the advancement and promotion of modern dental technologies. With a dentist who has due accreditation, you can be assured that you have a partner who is always part of a process of continuing education. Dental services will always be first rate.

Tested and Licensed Dental Products
Some dental tourists consider going to Mexico not only for services but for dental products as well. In Mexico, dentures, tooth caps and other dental products come at a fraction of the cost charged in the United States. To ensure that the product you purchase is of superior quality, you might want to consider purchasing products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The process of acquiring the seal for a product ensures that it has gone through the most stringent of quality control standards. All products bearing the seal have to undergo examination and licensure procedures by the Council of Scientific Affairs.

Not all products who apply for acceptance are granted the seal. To qualify, the product must have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for direct marketing to customers by the members of the organization. Therapeutic medicine, anesthetics as well as materials and instruments for use in dental clinics all undergo careful scrutiny before licensure is granted and the seal is conferred. The FDA's evaluation is based on published technical standards in conjunction with organizational guidelines for safe use in the practice of dentistry. In the event that products constitute modern innovations in the field, they may only receive the ADA Seal if the producers can demonstrate substantial proof of their efficacy and safety. Dental tourists can feel at ease as almost all products in dental clinics in Mexico bear the seal. 
The FDA imposes strict submission requirements before granting licensure. Producers must disclose and prove information about their product which will be relevant to the health and safety of consumers. Such information includes product composition, generic name and the producing company's manufacturing standards for the product. Any changes in the above mentioned information ought to be disclosed to the authorities concerned lest the license be revoked. 
The standards used for approving  products are updated as advances are made in the field of dental science. Henceforth, products which are obsolete or present newfound safety hazards to patients will have their license revoked and the seal withdrawn. 

Similarly, products which are no longer relevant to dental practice or are substantially inferior to their modern counterparts will not qualify for renewal of their license with the FDA. Transitively, the seal for such products will be withdrawn as well. Patronize only accepted products as a dental tourist and you will have an unparalleled experience as a patient at a fraction of the cost.

Experience Dental Tourism
Accreditation is not the only thing that makes visiting Mexico for a dental appointment so attractive. The experience of dental tourism in Mexico's famed clinics have been satisfying. "Everyone was so fluent in English", says Alyssa, who went to Mexico to have braces installed. "The clinic was so clean and tidy and they were ready to take my panoramic X-Ray by the time I arrived. Everything was first rate", she quips. Experiences such as these occur daily for dental tourists.  Mexican dental clinics boast of the most qualified dentists using the latest in dental technology.


Conduct some research before you schedule your dental trip to Mexico. Come up with a list of services you need and match these to approved dental clinics who offer them at the best rates. ADA accredited dental clinics in Mexico are the best option for your dental health. You do not have to pay a price that will give you a toothache. Top notch dentists are ready to attend to your needs in Mexico's highly competitive dental tourism industry.


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