Language Tips for Medical Tourists in Mexico

Spanish is the commonly used language in Mexico and their mothertounge. On the other hand professional Doctors and nurses, regularly deal with medical tourists, are comfortable using English. If you are planning to browse around the town knowledge of the common Spanish terms could help you.

So here is a list of common words and phrases that you may have to use in Mexico


Yes  SiSee
PleasePor Favor   Pohr Fah-Bohr
Thank YouGraciasGrah-see-ahs
You’re WelcomeDe NadaDay-Nah-That
Sorry   lo sientoLow see-en-toe
Do you speak english? Habla inglés?Ah-bla een-Glays
I don’t understandno entiendoNoh ayn-Teeyan-doh
What is your name?       Cómo se llama?Koh-moh say yah-mah 
My name is…mi nombre es …Mee Nohm-bray ays…
Where is/are…Donde está/están…?DOHN-day ays-TAH /ays-Than
When? Cuando?Kwahn-doh
Can you help me?         Puede ayudarme?Pway-day ah-yoo-Dahr-may 
I don’t know No séNoh say

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