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Methods of whitening your teeth

Everyone and anyone, usually, have an inclination towards whitening their teeth, especially as 90 % of the normal diet consumed by us is composed of tooth staining foods and beverages. A whiter smile leads to a more confident and stronger approach at home and in the work place.

Before any teeth whitening procedure is conducted scaling and polishing is an essential procedure.


Scaling and Polishing – It, basically, includes usage of an ultrasonic device which, along with water, is responsible for removing the stains on your teeth. After removal of stains and deposits a polishing session is initiated.  Using a rubber cup or a brush your teeth are polished and they end up with a smooth and glossy surface. Patients report as finding their teeth whiter after a session of scaling and polishing.

Top 5 Methods of Teeth Whitening


1. In-office whitening

  • In-office whitening consists of almost a one hour session, in which the patient has the teeth coated with Peroxide based agents.
  • This is done in sessions and a dentist has to carefully evaluate the teeth before using peroxide to prevent the deleterious effects of peroxide on the teeth.
  • Peroxide based agents come in either light activated or non-light activated forms and have the same efficacy or end-result.
  • It is the dentist’s preference of the type of agent he prefers to use in the practice.
  • Drawback- The whitening effects usually last from somewhere about 6 months to 2 years and might need to be topped up once in a while via other methods to remain permanent.
    Similarly, some degree of sensitivity is to be expected in the first few days and post-treatment instructions should be followed religiously.

2. Tray Based Whitening

  • In this process peroxide based agents of lesser concentration are used along with trays customized professionally by your dentist. 
  • These trays ensure proper coverage of the teeth as well as a proper fit.
  • Then the dentist provides you with a peroxide based gel and shows you the method of use. 
  • It is applied once a day for 30 to 45 minutes or sometimes an all-night wear would be needed for a few days.
  • The benefit of this method is that there is lesser sensitivity, but the drawbacks are that it takes a longer time to show its effect and patient compliance is needed to show

3. At-home teeth whitening

  • This can consist of various dentifrices or toothpastes which are available for you to use at home.
  • It is to be remembered that peroxide is not safe to be used bythe patient themselves without proper evaluation by a dentist.

4. Internal bleaching

  • Another method, which is a sub division of in-office whitening, is the internal bleaching of dead/ non-vital teeth which have undergone root canal treatment. 
  • This is a procedure carried out with the same peroxide based bleaching agents but it is done from within the tooth, by keeping the peroxide agents inside the tooth.

5. Home remedies

  • Baking soda- Brushing your teeth with a pinch of baking soda applied on your toothbrush bristles can whiten your teeth effectively
  • Lime- Rubbing your teeth with lime can remove external stains and bring about brightness.
  • Strawberries- Brushing your teeth with a paste of strawberries eliminates the stains and gives your teeth a glossy white look. 
  • All the above mentioned remedies should be performed just once or twice in a week or they may corrode your teeth.

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