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Mexico Dental Announces the Launch of Its New Website

Mexico Dental is a complete guide recognized for providing much-needed assistance for dental tourists in their search for professional dentistry clinics and specialists in Mexican territory. Recently announces the launch of a new website: focused on to be a one-stop online portal to help international patients through their journey abroad for a better and more cost-effective dental procedure overseas.

The new website was expertly created after months of investigation and by the use of new technologies. It has a modern design including digital images, and is mobile-responsive, to ensure it displays correctly according to the type of the device the visitor is using, fundamental at present days, as searches on mobile devices are increasing.

Using is quickly and stress-free, thanks to its user-friendly software interface, dental travelers will find informative and exciting features, with easily accessible resources, since it compiles a comprehensive network of top-rated dentistry experts operating throughout the country. That´s why arriving in Mexico for a dental holiday doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, and finding the perfect clinic or facility need not be difficult; visitors simply log onto the website, select the destination and instantly will be connected to the best professionals in the area who can work around a vacation schedule.

Among top dental tourism destinations at the site are Tijuana, Piedras Negras, and Los Algodones on the northern border, as well as Cancun at the Caribbean Sea, and Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos at the Pacific side. Each destination displays a complete listing of best dental clinics, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertly trained staff, to ensure the best possible dental care for travelers visiting Mexico.

dental savingsIt’s important to highlight that in Mexican territory patients can save from 70 to 90% off on dental procedures than in the US and Canada, and the website offers access to a complete price list for all treatments and procedures available on top dental destinations in the country.  The site also displays numerous price comparisons from different cities and providers throughout Mexico. Even visitors to the website are able to request a quote for the dental work to be completed, so they will know how much they can expect to pay before they even arrive.

At the new website traveler patients can further understand the procedures they wish to undergo, because it also displays a comprehensive list of those available in Mexico with short, detailed explanations as to what the patient can expect, complemented with image and educational video galleries. includes a complete blog with several posts providing information on topics ranging from “7 things to do before going to sleep for healthy teeth“, to Mexico dental tourism infographics. The new website also displays dentists’ ratings (since visitors also can rate their specialists and clinics), photos and years in service, ADM and ADA accreditation as well as testimonials and reviews.

All patient needs are a search at where can be connected with the best dental professionals at their destination, and also find the information about their treatment, costs, savings and even the location of the clinic, on the same reliable website.

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