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Dental emergencies arise at the least likely of times.


Take an anecdote for example from an American Airlines stewardess on a trans-pacific flight from Hong Kong to Dallas, Texas. A middle aged man with a prostate problem was frequenting the business class lavatory. Despite being in business class, airline lavatories are still wanting in space especially for larger individuals. On one of his trips to the lavatory, the plane encountered some rough turbulence and he slipped and fell. He hit his mouth on the stainless steel sink inside the lavatory and came out with his gums bleeding and a good portion of his front teeth broken off. There was not much the stewardess could do but administer first aid.

The man on the airline was quite grateful and took it upon himself to converse with the stewardess towards the latter part of the flight to thank her for stopping the bleeding. He then proceeded to ramble about the hefty dental care bill that was waiting for him the moment he arrived in Dallas. Dental capping is a procedure that can cost well above a thousand dollars. Fortunately, one of the stewardesses referred him to a dentist and suggested that he take a connecting flight to Merida upon arriving in Dallas to Merida, Mexico where the dentist’s clinic was located. Less than 48 hours after landing in Dallas, the man was writing American Airlines commending the efforts of the stewardesses for saving him hundreds of dollars. He only spent $350 for the entire capping procedure in Mexico, inclusive of the flight back and forth. That’s several hundred dollars saved in less than two days.

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