Pacman skull and teeth

Do you remember Pac-Man, the video game icon of the 80s?


Meanwhile he disappeared, but we found him and we finally realized how he ate all that fruit and dots.

Pac-Man’s skeletal structure, a 2002 art project by Le Gentil Garcon.

The result is certainly odd and falls somewhere between creepy and hilarious: Besides the weird inclusion of human-like teeth, the assisting paleontologist Francois Escuilie also imagined small details like a small tail bone for propulsion and whale-like concave eye sockets. The lower jaw has a pronounced chin bone that completes the circular shape, much like a fish fin.

So wrong!

What’s your take on the work? I’m thinking I would have left out the big teeth completely and replaced it with tiny serrated in various rows of jaggy teeth instead barely off the gumline (like an eel), made the throat opening smaller, and made the skull more brittle and dense looking. I imagine that Pac-man was a weak and soft like a lizard, whereas this looks like that of a powerful carnivorous flying monkey head. What would you change?

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