7 things to do before you go to sleep (for the better health of the teeth)


During the 8 hours of sleep a lot of things happen in the mouth. The idea of tartar, caries, plaque or gingivitis should not torment us and steal our sleep. Here are some advices to improve the condition of your mouth before going to sleep.

1.Brushing teeth before going to sleep protects you from the plaque, tartar, cavities or gingivitis. Those who have more problems with their teeth and inflammation of gums should brush their teeth after dinner and before bedtime.
2.Brush your teeth properly
3.Buy electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush removes more plaque from the teeth and is more gentle to the gums of regular toothbrush, especially toothbrushes with the sensor for adjusting the amount of pressure on the teeth and gums.
4.It is good to use dental floss too in your daily hygiene of teeth.
5.Before going to sleep scrape the tongue and remove the residues.
6.Rinse his mouth with mouthwash. Find one that you will like. Perhaps the herbal mouthwashes are the best ones. The mouthwashes  with a certain percentage of alcohol or antiseptic chlorhexidine can be harmful.
7.If you notice screech of teeth (bite heavily in his sleep), buy yourself a night teeth stick.

Red haired people and anesthesia


Did you know that is harder to anesthetize red haired people than the others?  They need 20{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} more of the common anesthetic to achieve the same effect. It is clear that this refers only to natural red haired persons.

Methods of whitening your teeth

Everyone and anyone, usually, have an inclination towards whitening their teeth, especially as 90 {ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} of the normal diet consumed by us is composed of tooth staining foods and beverages. A whiter smile leads to a more confident and stronger approach at home and in the work place.

Top 5 Methods of Teeth Whitening

Before any teeth whitening procedure is conducted scaling and polishing is an essential procedure.
Scaling and Polishing – It, basically, includes usage of an ultrasonic device which, along with water, is responsible for removing the stains on your teeth. After removal of stains and deposits a polishing session is initiated.  Using a rubber cup or a brush your teeth are polished and they end up with a smooth and glossy surface. Patients report as finding their teeth whiter after a session of scaling and polishing.

1. In-office whitening 

  • In-office whitening consists of almost a one hour session, in which the patient has the teeth coated with Peroxide based agents.
  • This is done in sessions and a dentist has to carefully evaluate the teeth before using peroxide to prevent the deleterious effects of peroxide on the teeth.
  • Peroxide based agents come in either light activated or non-light activated forms and have the same efficacy or end-result.
  • It is the dentist’s preference of the type of agent he prefers to use in the practice.
  • Drawback- The whitening effects usually last from somewhere about 6 months to 2 years and might need to be topped up once in a while via other methods to remain permanent. Similarly, some degree of sensitivity is to be expected in the first few days and post-treatment instructions should be followed religiously.
sevacall.com - Laser teeth whitening

2. Tray Based Whitening

  • In this process peroxide based agents of lesser concentration are used along with trays customized professionally by your dentist. 
  • These trays ensure proper coverage of the teeth as well as a proper fit.
  • Then the dentist provides you with a peroxide based gel and shows you the method of use. 
  • It is applied once a day for 30 to 45 minutes or sometimes an all-night wear would be needed for a few days.
  • The benefit of this method is that there is lesser sensitivity, but the drawbacks are that it takes a longer time to show its effect and patient compliance is needed to show results.

3. At-home teeth whitening

  • This can consist of various dentifrices or toothpastes which are available for you to use at home.
  • It is to be remembered that peroxide is not safe to be used by the patient themselves without proper evaluation by a dentist.

4. Internal bleaching

  • Another method, which is a sub division of in-office whitening, is the internal bleaching of dead/ non-vital teeth which have undergone root canal treatment. 
  • This is a procedure carried out with the same peroxide based bleaching agents but it is done from within the tooth, by keeping the peroxide agents inside the tooth.

5. Home remedies

  • Baking soda- Brushing your teeth with a pinch of baking soda applied on your toothbrush bristles can whiten your teeth effectively
  • Lime- Rubbing your teeth with lime can remove external stains and bring about brightness.
  • Strawberries- Brushing your teeth with a paste of strawberries eliminates the stains and gives your teeth a glossy white look. 
  • All the above mentioned remedies should be performed just once or twice in a week or they may corrode your teeth.

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Scientists Just Discovered How to Regrow Full Teeth Using Lasers

Laser whitening
The power of medical technology never seizes to amaze people Recent studies show that scientists discovered a rather groundbreaking technique to regrow teeth using lasers.  The brilliant minds behind this breakthrough are scientists from Harvard University. People can expect that, without a doubt, this technology can yield promising results that can give numerous people the chance to smile with no insecurities.
You may be wondering how this technology works. It is known to regrow teeth with a use of a low-power laser beam that can trigger human dental stem cells that help form the hard tissue called dentin. Dentin is like the foundation of the tooth, as it makes up most of a tooth’s mass. When this technology continues to develop, dentures and fillings will be soon obsolete. Imagine that?
The mere thought of this kind of innovation is outstanding in itself. Stem cells are known to be challenging to manipulate, but scientists nonetheless are absorbed by the fact that stem cells have the power to replenish or repair damaged tissues. Another fact about stem cells is that each type can only match a certain body function, thus a single stem cell cannot treat multiple conditions. There are many complexities about this therapy, which limits its potential to a certain level.  But then again, we can never really know how fast technology can evolve in a few years’ time. What is evident with this laser-based theory is that technology is a powerful tool that will continue to progress.

The usage of laser is a good example of how stem cell therapy has evolved. What doctors used to do is quite the tedious and extensive task. Preceding techniques involved the isolation of stem cells then are brought to a laboratory for manipulation. This would take some time, as doctors need to wait for the cells to grow into a certain kind of cell that a patient needs. Naturally, this kind of technique can be very dawdling and may not be ideal for patients who need treatment right away.  Now with this laser technology for dental regrowth, there are limitless possibilities for people to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Instead of using prosthetics like dentures or spending on recurring visits for fillings, people can actually have new teeth generated.
Notwithstanding, it is vital to know that the first line of defense to avoid decaying teeth is to take good care of one’s teeth. It is wise to be well equipped with useful tips, tricks and precautions to keep a healthy smile. Some of which include brushing the teeth at least twice a day, flossing after meals or when needed, having regular dental check-ups, and ingesting the needed calcium intake for one’s age. Dental care is also quite dependent on one’s lifestyle. For example, smoking and caffeine can be detrimental to one’s dental health. Substances like tar can stain the teeth and cause bad breath as well. Coffee and tea are also known to cause teeth discoloration. A little research on the Internet can be of great help to know helpful and rather easy tips that can keep one’s teeth healthy, and worry-free!

At the end of the day, it is still good to know that people are given alternatives on how to improve one’s health. There was a time that cell regeneration was taboo, but now its development is outstanding and very impressive. In a few more years, there will be more opportunities for people to have better dental care, and an overall well-being altogether.

Teeth your way to success – 30 Before And After Celebrities photos


Many people overlook the power of having a great smile that enhances the face. Behind that great smile are those shiny, pearly white teeth that are just beaming with happiness. You don’t need too much makeup or drastic facial surgery to have a great makeover. Just take care of your teeth or have them fixed. Take a look at these photos and see how much a better set of teeth affects a person’s whole new look.

1. Celine Dion – Before

REX USA/Pat Maxwell

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
2. Zac Efron – Before

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
3. LeAnn Rimes – Before

Diane Freed / Getty Images

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
4. Lindsay Lohan – Before

REX USA/Peter Brooker

Chris Pizzello/Invision / AP, File
5. Noel Gallagher – Before

REX USA/Steve Fenton

6. 50 Cent – Before

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
7. Cher Lloyd – Before

Danny Martindale / FilmMagic

Mark Davis / Getty Images for Clear Channel
8. Nicolas Cage – Before

REX USA/Joyce Silverstein

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images)
9. Michael Douglas – Before


Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images
10. Cheryl Cole – Before

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images
11. Tom Cruise – Before

Zoetrope Studios

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images
12. Niall Horan – Before

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images
13. Kate Beckinsale – Before

SAMANTHA PEARCE/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Danny Moloshok / Reuters
14. Steve-O – Before

Keith Bedford / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
5. Nicola Roberts – Before

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Nathan Cox / Getty Images
16. Melanie C – Before

David Kendall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images
17. David Beckham – Before

REX USA/Ted Blackbrow / Daily Mail

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
18. Victoria Beckham – Before

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty

Myung Jung Kim/PA Archive/Press Association Images
19. David Bowie – Before

Diane Freed

Rob Loud / Getty Images
20. Hilary Duff – Before

REX USA/Brian Rasic

Angela Weiss / Getty Images
21. Keith Urban – Before

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

Danny Moloshok / Reuters
22. Tulisa – Before

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Ian Gavan / Getty Images
23. Madonna – Before

Diane Freed

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
24. Matthew Lewis – Before

Thos Robinson / Getty Images

Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
25. George Clooney – Before

Getty Images

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
26. Gwen Stefani – Before

Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
27. Morgan Freeman – Before


Ethan Miller / Getty Images
28. Miley Cyrus – Before

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Henry S. Dziekan III / WireImage
29. Louis Walsh – Before

MJ Kim / Getty Images

David Livingston / Getty Images
30. Katie Price – Before

Getty Images

Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images


Get the Best Dental Care in Mexico with MDA Certified Practitioners

Large scale dental clinics in Tijuana, Mexico usually have a platoon of dentists waiting to attend to your needs. However, you might want to get the best care money can afford by scheduling your appointment with a dentist certified by the Board of the Mexican Dental Association (MDA). Dental clinics in Tijuana are obliged to disclose who amongst their staff are certified by the MDA. Patients will reap the benefits of scheduling appointments with the organization's certified dentists. 

 Extensive Dental Training

First, dentists are required to undergo years of additional training which are not accomplished by unaccredited general practitioners. This is a prerequisite to certification. Despite this additional qualification, these dentists still charge fees significantly less than those of their counterparts in the USA. Moreover, because they belong to the same dental clinic as the general practitioners, their rates are almost identical if not the same. Thus, you get better value for your money. 
MDA certified dentists are also more experienced with advanced dental procedures such as cosmetic makeovers. For better services, try scheduling large scale procedures in reputable Mexican dental resort towns. These is where most certified dentists are located. Here, you can be assured that the dentists deftly wield the latest dental instruments in performing the procedure. 
Dentists with certification from the organization are typically a notch above the rest. They are very well grounded in the basic skills of dentistry, such as cleaning, filling and pulling. In addition to that, their specialized training allows them to competently perform more advanced medical tasks such as placing dental implants and root canal treatment. 

 The Risk of Unaccredited Treatment

If you are a dental tourist, you should veer away from unaccredited dentists as a general rule. The competence of those without accreditation is limited and they many not be able to perform at the world class standard expected of dentists. The organization is committed to providing dental tourists with top notch dental services. In an environment where the profession is not heavily regulated and malpractice insurance is not mandatory for practitioners, collaborating with the government as you seek treatment might be a good idea.
The MDA offers a referral service wherein the organization channels your request for treatment to the certified dentist who specializes in the field of treatment which you need. The organization also offers a broad range of services to make your trip as a dental tourist convenient and hassle free. It offers free estimation and appointment setting services. Assistance is also provided for travelers who are intending to stay for a relatively extended period of time for comprehensive treatment. All the planning services offered by the organization are free of charge to dental tourists. 
Consider becoming a dental tourist the next time you seek treatment. You are set to save hundreds of dollars by seeking out an MDA accredited dentist in the one of the resort towns of Mexico. 

Experience Dental Tourism under an ADA Accredited Dentist

ADA - Dental Tourism
Ensure the quality of your dental tourism experience in Mexico by booking your appointment with a dentist accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA is the largest dental association in the United States with over 157,000 members. However, it does not mean that all of the its members reside in the USA. Quite a number work across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. 

 Highly Skilled and Accredited Dentists

The organization exerts an incessant effort to advance the dental profession amongst its members. It is an organization which advocates patient centered and science based service which conform to world class standards in medical ethics. This effort is best embodied in the services provided by ADA accredited dentists as well as products unto which it has conferred its seal of quality. 
Much of the qualms of Americans considering the possibility of becoming dental tourists rest on doubts as to the skill of dentists working in Mexico. These doubts lie in the possibility that dentists an Mexico are not up to speed with the latest in dental technology and modern practices in maintaining oral health. The organization addresses these doubts by offering an international accreditation program for dentists who practice their profession in a country other than the United States and those who do not have an active American dental license. Upon demonstrating their competence to the ADA, dentists in Mexico gain access to a broad range of membership benefits in order to better practice their profession. 
If you schedule your appointment with an ADA accredited dentist, you can rest assured that he is well read with regard to the latest in dental science. All accredited dentists have access to the prestigious Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). For more accurate diagnoses,  the accredited dentists can course your symptoms to the organization's evidence based dentistry website. Products for patients are also made available through the organization's accredited dentists. They play an integral role in the advancement and promotion of modern dental technologies. With a dentist who has due accreditation, you can be assured that you have a partner who is always part of a process of continuing education. Dental services will always be first rate. 

 Tested and Licensed Dental Products

Some dental tourists consider going to Mexico not only for services but for dental products as well. In Mexico, dentures, tooth caps and other dental products come at a fraction of the cost charged in the United States. To ensure that the product you purchase is of superior quality, you might want to consider purchasing products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The process of acquiring the seal for a product ensures that it has gone through the most stringent of quality control standards. All products bearing the seal have to undergo examination and licensure procedures by the Council of Scientific Affairs. 
Not all products who apply for acceptance are granted the seal. To qualify, the product must have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for direct marketing to customers by the members of the organization. Therapeutic medicine, anesthetics as well as materials and instruments for use in dental clinics all undergo careful scrutiny before licensure is granted and the seal is conferred. The FDA's evaluation is based on published technical standards in conjunction with organizational guidelines for safe use in the practice of dentistry. In the event that products constitute modern innovations in the field, they may only receive the ADA Seal if the producers can demonstrate substantial proof of their efficacy and safety. Dental tourists can feel at ease as almost all products in dental clinics in Mexico bear the seal. 
The FDA imposes strict submission requirements before granting licensure. Producers must disclose and prove information about their product which will be relevant to the health and safety of consumers. Such information includes product composition, generic name and the producing company's manufacturing standards for the product. Any changes in the above mentioned information ought to be disclosed to the authorities concerned lest the license be revoked. 
The standards used for approving  products are updated as advances are made in the field of dental science. Henceforth, products which are obsolete or present newfound safety hazards to patients will have their license revoked and the seal withdrawn. 
Similarly, products which are no longer relevant to dental practice or are substantially inferior to their modern counterparts will not qualify for renewal of their license with the FDA. Transitively, the seal for such products will be withdrawn as well. Patronize only accepted products as a dental tourist and you will have an unparalleled experience as a patient at a fraction of the cost. 

 Experience Dental Tourism

Accreditation is not the only thing that makes visiting Mexico for a dental appointment so attractive. The experience of dental tourists in Mexico's famed clinics have been satisfying. "Everyone was so fluent in English", says Alyssa, who went to Mexico to have braces installed. "The clinic was so clean and tidy and they were ready to take my panoramic X-Ray by the time I arrived. Everything was first rate", she quips. Experiences such as these occur daily for dental tourists.  Mexican dental clinics boast of the most qualified dentists using the latest in dental technology. 
Conduct some research before you schedule your dental trip to Mexico. Come up with a list of services you need and match these to approved dental clinics who offer them at the best rates. ADA accredited dental clinics in Mexico are the best option for your dental health. You do not have to pay a price that will give you a toothache. Top notch dentists are ready to attend to your needs in Mexico's highly competitive dental tourist industry. 

Dental Tourism in Mexico – Infographic


Dental care is becoming increasingly expensive especially in the Unites States. By beginning of 2014, Statistics had projected a 26{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} increase in annual out-of-pocket payments for dental care services in the U.S. It is not surprising then that in 2014, an estimated 1.2 million Americans will opt to seek medical care outside their country. This trend basically stems from the fact that dental services are very costly in the U.S. and a significant portion of the population have no insurance yet the demand for the services is quite high. In fact, out of every four U.S. adults over the age of 65 have no teeth at all.  Although a significant 172 million Americans are covered by private health insurance, 26{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} of them cannot access dental insurance. Other factors that greatly contribute to this include the high cost of education, high yearly wages and high staff salary per hour in the U.S. as compared to Mexico.

In light of all this, most Americans prefer to travel across the border to access quality yet affordable dental services. Mexico, being in close proximity to the U.S. is a popular destination receiving about 80,000 dental tourists annually. In Mexico, there are specific cities that have been developed to facilitate dental tourism. These include Cancun, Mexicali, Los Algodones and Tijuana. The cost of services comes across as affordable with great savings made for various procedures. Bone graft and gum surgery cost 90{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} and 80{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} less respectively in Mexico. The popular All on Four procedure costs 67{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} less in Mexico as compared to the U.S. Averagely, for every visit to Mexico, one gets to save between 40{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} and 65{ee83186401593e167de7a040cf341655f20b9e1c23ddc5e67117c414c31c9f91} of total costs

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Mexico Dental aim is to provide all the information you need to find the best and most affordable dentist in Mexico.
– Use the FAQ page to get the answers for your most common questions and fears.
– Check the usuall prices and warranties provided for particular service.
– Use the dentist list for particular city and choose favourites and contact them over the contact form or phone.

Be sure to check Dentist ratings, photos and years in service. Also dentist with ADM and especially ADA accreditation should be highly consider. If you are just generally interested in dental tourism and consider going to some other country consider these countries

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