Dental Spana

dental spana
Dental clinic with more than 36 years experience, established in 1977 by Dra Hilda E. Daurte. The clinic is located in Benito Juarez Street in Tijuana, Mexico, near the border with the US. Dental Spana offers free pick up from the Mexican side of a border to our patients and back to the border after treatment. Dental Spana is an excellent choice for patients from the U.S. and Canada because it is only 20 minutes away from the airport in San Diego.

Also, the clinic is close to the most visited the street in Tijuana so it's the right choice for dental tourism. Using state of the art equipment and years of experience in the clinic doctors can fulfill every wish of the patient.

Ocean Dental Cancun

ocean dental cancun

Ocean Dental Cancun, located in Cancun, Mexico, boasts of a fully licensed operation that is not only user friendly but also pocket friendly in relation to its affordable prices. The facility has on board a professional team of experts, whose specialization and broad experience in various categories of dentistry is the joy of its clients.

Dent Art Center

Dent Art Center

Dent Art Center  is dental clinic which provides top quality, cost effective and comprehensive dental care . This clinic is established and situated in Tijuana, Mexico near border with US. The staff at clinic is professional, polite and skilled, with high education in various fields of dentistry with more than 15 years of experienced work, always ready to commit to every problem in dental care. The dental office is equipped with latest state-of-art technology.

Rio Dental Clinic

Rio Dental Clinic

Rio Dental Clinic is clinic which provides solutions and treatments in the field of dental care, and is situated in Juarez, Mexico. The location is great because the clinic is very close to El Paso, Texas, USA, which is even better for international patients knowing they are half an hour away from top quality dental care in half or more the price they would pay back home.

Dental Alvarez

dental alvarez

Dental Alvarez clinic is led by Dr. Ricardo Alvarez more than 25 years. The clinic is located in Tijuana, Mexico, near Angeles Hospital. Dr. Ricardo has several certifications for implant placement, in particular, the one from Harvard and Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center, also has more than 25 years of experience in dental care.


Maxillofacial Clinic Dr. Jose de Jesus Gomez Santana known as Dental Med is located in Puerto Vallarta in building of AmeriMed Hospital. For patients who want to experience the real dental tourism this is the right choice. An excellent ratio between the quality of service, pricing and dental tourism. Here you can find almost every existing dental and oral treatment and relax knowing they also follow American Dental Association and The Academy of Dental Materials quidelines.

Sam Dental Tijuana

Sam Dental Tijuana

Many who plan to go to dental tourism are a lot of questions, but Sam Dental Tijuana has all the answers. Prices and savings are the two main reasons for the increasing the arrival of patients from other countries, but also the excellent quality of the work that doctors can provide. Sam Dental Clinic can boast savings of up to 80 percent compared to prices in the U.S., and their patients have free organized transport and accommodation provided and all that is needed for dental tourism.

Mustre Dental Clinic

mustre dental clinic

Highly trained and friendly staff at the Mustre Dental clinic is able to solve your every problem. The clinic is located in heart of Nuevo Progreso, in Avenida Benito Juarez street. Staff at the clinic gives special attention to hygiene and maintain clean, doctors constantly follow technology in dentistry and continually invest in their knowledge.

Implant Art Center

Implant Art Center

Implant Art Center is dental clinic located in Tijuana, primarily oriented to dental implants and smile makeovers. The clinic is led by Dr. Arnulfo Vazquez, implants specialist with success rate over 97%. Most of his schooling was spent in America and there earned numerous degrees, and now carries the title of one of the best doctors in Tijuana. Combining dental tourism, low cost treatment, quality, comprehensive care with pleasant and highly educated staff you get the perfect result for your teeth. Dentists at the clinic follow all regulations prescribed by the ADA and ADM.

Nucleo Dental

nucleo dental
Nucleo Dental is dental clinic established in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, near the border with United States. Their main objective is to provide their patients with top quality and comprehensive dental care. The staff at Nucleo Dental clinic speaks fluently both Spanish and English.

Elite Dental Cancun

elite dental cancun

Elite dental is led by Dr. Jose Luis Hidalgo with 26 years experience and Dr Fernando Garza with 33 years experience. The clinic is located in Cancun, Mexico. The clinic is very clean and follows all protocols regarding hygiene and sterilization. They use modern equipment along with great aesthetic and functionality of their office in stress free and friendly atmosphere.

Paradise Dental Los Cabos

Paradise Dental Los Cabos is a Top Dental Clinic in Mexico, Located in the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas.
At Paradise Dental you will receive a paradise-like experience for you with end-to-end guidance and patient care. Visit them and get the dental care no other clinic has given you.

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