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Average Costs Of Dental Treatments in Cancun

Cancun Dentist pricesYou Can Find From Very Inexpensive Dentists Charging in Pesos To Expensive Dentists Charging Almost As Much As In The USA. Our Recommendation Is To Find Clinics That Cater To Dental Tourist, Speak English, And Have The Latest Technologies. We Have Taken The Top 10 Dental Tourism Clinics in Cancun and Came Up With a Dental Price List Of Treatments, Each Treatment Has An Explanation Specif To Cancun Area or Cancun Clinics. Dentistry Varies From City To City Or Region To Region in Mexico. Thank Your For Reading As We Put A Lot Of Work Into This And Hope You Have A Wonderful Dental Vacation

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Dental Crown Prices

PFM Crown

Not Many State Of The Art Clinic in Cancun Still Offer PFM(Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns), With This Being State You Can Find Clinics That Will Do Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns in Cancun For As Cheap as $2500 MXN Pesos Or Around $130 USD. The Average Cost Of PFM Dental Crowns in Cancun is Around $250 USD. PFM Crowns Are Not Recommend And We Suggest You Try And Look For A Clinic That Offers Zirconia Or All Porcelain Crowns For Best Results.

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crowns Are Among The Most Common Restorations That Dentist In Cancun Offer, They Are Usually Manufactured With Milling Machines Meaning That Are Made Digitally. They Can Be Monolithic Zirconia Crowns Which Means That The Whole Crown Is Zirconia Or Zirconia Fused To Porcelain Meaning Only The Substructure Is Zirconia And On Top Porcelain. Zirconia Fused To Porcelain Are Usually A Little More Expensive As More Labor Goes Into Them. Many Clinics In Cancun Have Their In-House Dental Lab This Can Make It More Attractive For You As They Bring The Cost Down Of Manufacturing, If They Have To Outsource To Another Lab This Costs Them More And In Case They Have To Repeat It Get Charged Again. The Leading Providers For Zirconia Crowns in Cancun Are,  Cancun Dental Specialists,  Cancun Dental Design, Ocean Dental Cancun, Smile Make Over Playa Del Carmen, and XDental. All These Clinics Have Their On-Site Dental Lab

Temporary Crown

Most Clinics In Cancun Do Not Charge Temporary Crowns During The Week Stay You Are In Cancun, If You Need A Long Term Temporary They Might Charge You Per Unit. These Temporaries If They Are Made With Digital Technology Are Usually Made Of A Strong Acrylic/Plastic Called PMMA, Try and Ask The Clinic To Provide You Two Sets Of Temporaries In Case One Break Once Your Are At Home. The Average Cost Of Temporary Crowns Can Cost Nothing To 50% Of Your Final Restoration.

Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Cancun Is One Of Mexicos Top Locations For Dental Veneers, There Are Many Outstanding Cosmetic Dentists In The Cancun Area. From Our Research The Most Common Veneer Material Is EMAX All Porcelain The Average Cost Of The Top 10 Clinics In Cancun Ranges From $360 to $520 USD PER Porcelain Veneer. Prices May Vary Depending On The Type Of Veneer, Minimal Prep Veneers Or No-Prep Veneers Tend To Be A Little More Expensive Aswell As Lumineers In Cancun. When Shopping Around For A Price Its Important To Go To Clinics That Have On-Site Labs And Are Certified Like Cancun Dental Specialists, Cancun Dental Design and Smile MakeOver Mexico.

Composite Veneers

Details: Composite Veneers also known as tooth bonding is a non-invasive way to treat you teeth The average cost of teeth bonding in Mexico ranges anywhere from $100 USD to $150 USD per tooth. Find out the best clinics to get this treatment in Mexico


Temporary Partial or Flipper

Details: Temporary Partials or Flippers are commonly used as a temporary restoration while something is healing or an implant is healing consists of prefabricated acrylic teeth and an acrylic partial sometimes being able to be done directly in the office. The low cost of temporary partials in Mexico usually ranges from $100 USD to $150 USD for one more multiple teeth.

Partial Denture Metal Frame

Details:Partial Dentures with Metal Frame are a very common type of denture usually more expensive than temporary dentures or partial dentures because the metal frame involves more labour and can sometimes fail in the casting. For metal frame dentures it is recommended to stay a little longer than other types of partial dentures in Mexico. The metal frame partial dentures are made of CrCo material. Average price for metal frame partial dentures in Mexico is around $450 USD to $750 USD.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Details: Flexible Partial Dentures are usually made out of a material called Valplast in Mexico, These need a special machine to be processed some locations might not have them. Make sure you don’t get a regular acrylic denture that are not flexible. Flexible partial dentures tend to be more resistant and more comfortable for patients. Partial Dentures are sometimes charge if the are for one quadrant or two quadrants. The one in the picture would be a two quadrant partial denture. These have an average cost of $200 to $500 USD.

Acrylic Dentures

Details: Acrylic Dentures can range anywhere from $200 USD to $750 USD for a set why the difference? Because there is different materials and quality of teeth and workmanship usually you can find dentures at a relatively same cost as in the U.S, only around 30% cheaper. Look for a dentist in Mexico that will provide you with the highest quality denture at a reasonable cost. Immediate dentures tend to be cheaper as they are usually intern while your mouth is healing form the extractions.

Full Denture



Panoramic Dental X-Ray


3D Dental X-Ray



Composite Filling



Adult Braces




Inlay or Onlay





Other Procedures

Night guard




Extraction(surgical or impacted)


Root Canal

Root Canal


Teeth Whitening

Laser Whitening


Home Whitening Kit


Dental Implants

Bone Graft

Details: Bone grafting Treatment in Mexico can range in price anywhere from $150 USD to $3000 USD to more extensive bone grafting procedures. Bone grating varies in the amount of bone lose the patient has, the quality of the bone used, the origins of the bone used (Cadaver, Synthetic, Patient Own Bone). Also Depends on the type of bonegrafting treatment that will be require like ridge preservation(Bone grafting after extraction) , Ridge Augmentation (Mayor Bonegrafting), Sinus Lift (Upper Molar Area). Find out more about bonegrafting and different costs and prices of dental clinics in Mexico.

All on Four

Details: All on 4 Treatments in Mexico Consist in a couple factors, The amount of bone available, The type of final restoration, And the Temporary restoration. Usually these treatments are done in two phases, The first phase might include 4 implants and a temporary restoration and a final restoration usually a fixed hybrid denture. Implants range from $700 – 1200 USD each around $2800 to $4800 USD, the temporary restoration from $350 to $1500, and Final Fixed Hybrid denture at around $3500-$6500 USD per Arch. It is important to find a location that does these treatment screw retained not cemented, has all the equipment and technologies available like 3D Scans, Digital Dentistry, Cad/Cam Lab in order to do these treatments correctly in a short time frame.


Details: There are two different types of sinus lifts, Crestal sinus lift, and lateral sinus lift, Also known as sinus aumentation. Your sinuses are located in the upper molar area anywhere from your premolars to your 3rd molar. The average cost of a sinus lift is Mexico is around $700 USD for a crestal sinus lift like ilustrated on the picture, to $1500 USD for a sinus lift thru lateral window. Find different clinics that offer Sinus Lift treatment in Mexico Compare cost,credentials, equipment between the best dental clinics.

Mini Implant

Details: Mini Dental Implants are a great solution for snap on dentures for edentoulus patients. Patients with big infections severe bone lose or mutliple extractions sometimes are not the best candidates for mini implants. Mini implants work great for people that are currently using implants and have a small bone ridge. The average cost of each mini implant in Mexico ranges from $350 USD to $500 USD per mini implant. Mini implants are commonly used for snap on dentures and sometimes for single tooth restorations.

Titanium Dental Implant

Details: Titanium Dental Implant is the most commonly used implant in dentistry, other options like zirconium implants are available now but haven’t been in the market long enough to determine their success. Most providers in Mexico for dental implants provide tianium implants, The price for the implant placement only not including the restoration ranges anywhere from $700 USD to $1100 USD. Prices may vary if you are getting multiple implants, if you have bone lose, if you need extractions and other factors alike.

Implant Supported Overdenture (2 Implants)

Details: Implant Supported Snap on Dentures with 2 implants is an affordable solution to getting a better fit on your dentures. The average prices for this treatment is around $3000 USD divided in two phases the surgical phase and the restorative phase. The average cost for the two implants is usually around $1800 USD if not extractions are needed and the cost of new dentures with housing and o-rings are around $1200 USD. Compare costs between providers in Mexico and get rid of you loose dentures once and for all.

Implant Supported Overdenture (4 Implants)

Details: Implant Supported Snap on denture over 4 implants provide more and better retention than less implants, the cost goes up by the two implants but the rest of the prices stay around the same price. The average costs for this treatment for both the surgical and restorative phase is around $4600 USD. Get a quote from the best providers for Click in dentures, snap on dentures or over dentures in all of Mexico. Another great advantage of getting 4 implants instead of 3 or 2 is that with 4 implants you can upgrade your snap on dentures to a fixed hybrid restoration if your budget permits it and you would like something fixed instead of removable.

Implant Supported Overdenture (6 Implants)

Details: Implanted supported dentures over 6 implants are a great way to provide great stability and long term treatment, the bite force is evenly distributed over the 6 implants causing less stress on the implants. The average cost of a implanted supported denture over 6 implants will range from $4000 USD to $6500 USD depending on the type of implant supported denture you get, Please contact the clinics directly to get a specific quote and what you are looking for.

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