Cancun Dental Specialists

Cancun Dental Specialists

Cancun Dental Specialists has an  modern instalations are leaders Dental Tourism in Mexico. Dr. Irma Gavaldon D.D.S. M.S A.E.G.D, has many years of experience, in Surgical Guided Surgeries, Cad/Cam Restorations, Digital X-rays, 3D CBCT X-Rays, Biolase Waterlase plus, Dental Lasers Minimally Invasives. The during of treatments accurately are 5-14 Days depending on Treatment.

Top Dental Clinics in Mexico By Most leading 3rd Party Dental Tourism Companies. Your Clinics in Cancun and the Riviera Maya to has a full scale Cad/Cam dental laboratory for complete full mouth restorations, Veneers, Fixed Hybrid Dentures and All on 4 Treatment Accurately in Short times Frames.

You can save up to 70% off of US prices at Cancun Dental Specialists. Contact our patient coordinators to make an appointment and start planning your dental vacation.

The best dental specialists in Cancun, the clinic has the latest in dental technology. The team of dental surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists and dentists have degrees and have taken courses and seminars to give the best results for the most complex dental treatments at affordable prices.

pickup transportation
If you need travel assistance, we can provide free transportation from the airport to the dental clinic. The clinic is located in the hotel zone, close to the beach, restaurants and boutiques.

Check out our collection of video reviews from the patients who have visited Cancun Dental Specialists.

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Clinic Details
Location: Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5 Plaza Flamingo, Cancún, Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo CP 77535 Mexico.

Phone: 1 888 231 8041, Patient Care: 1 888 247 1263

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 22:00 hrs, Sat: 8:00 to 22 hrs.

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Before After - Cancun Dental Specialists
Before After - Cancun Dental Specialists
 Before After Cancun Dental Specialists
Before After cancun Dental Specialists
Before After Cancun Dental Specialists

Cancun Dental Specialists Video Reviews

Rating: 4.1. From 112 votes.
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Cancun Dental Specialists Prices

Dental ImplantsDental Implants
Price: $900 USD
Mini Implant Mini Implant
Price: $ 450 USD
Regular Extraction Regular extraction
Price: $60 USD
teeth whitening Teeth whitening
Price: $100 USD
root canal Root Canal
Price: $250 USD
oral-surgery.jpg Surgical Extraction
Price: $200 USD
Inlay or Onlay Inlay or Onlay
Price: $420 USD
Braces Braces
Price: $1,000 USD
Price: $4,500 USD
sinus lift Sinus Lift
Price: $1,500 USD
All-on-4 All on four
Price: $10,800 USD
Bone Graft Bone Graft
Price: $300 USD
Dental Bonding Dental Bonding
Price: $150 USD
Amalgam filling Amalgam filling
Price: $60 USD
Zirconia Crowns Zirconia Crowns
Price: $450 USD
Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers
Price: $420 USD
Lumineers Lumineers
Price: $420 USD
Composite white filling Composite white filling
Price: $60-120 USD
3 Unit Bridge 3 Unit Bridge
Price: $1,350 USD
Gum surgery Gum surgery
Price: $350 USD

Cancun Dental Specialists Dentists

dra. irma gavaldon

Dr. Irma Gavaldon is a U.S. Board Certified Dentist.

Dr. Irma Gavaldon is a graduate from the Universidad Autónoma de México (U.N.A.M.), recognized as one of the best Universities in Latin America. She continued her education in the U.S., where she obtained her Masters Degree in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Michigan, which is ranked among the top 3 Dental Schools in the U.S.

At this very same University she went on to become a professor to 3rd. year dental students in the Advanced Dentistry Program. While in Michigan she ran an Out reach program in Traverse City for migrant workers who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to receive dental care.

University of MichiganShe has gone through all rigorous tests and examinations to earn her U.S. Board certification License in the states of Michigan and California. She is also licensed to perform Dentistry throughout Mexico.


Dr. Omar Lugo DDS, OMS

Graduate from Mexico´s most prestigious University U.N.A.M. (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) in 2005. Dr. Lugo spent a long part of his early career in trauma centers and hospitals that specialized in his field of Maxillofacial Surgery. He was active in lots of social campaigns and charities for children with cleft Lip and Palate malformations. He went on to continue his studies throughout Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and other parts of South America before returning home to continue his practice.

Has been practicing his Specialty of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery in recent years. His knowledge not only of the placement of each implant for optimal an restoration, but also in specialized treatments such as Sinus Lifting, Ridge Preservation, etc.; allows us to be prepared for any scenario and have the resources to provide a successful treatment.

Dr. Lugo is one of the few Maxillofacial Specialists Certified to place Zygomatic Implants.

Dr. Thelma Esquivel

Dr. Thelma Esquivel

Thelma performed her studies in Mexico´s most prestigious university U.N.A.M. (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) back in 2012. Once graduated, Dr. Esquivel took the initiative to educate herself in Endodontics and finished her specialized studies in the Military School of Health Graduates, in 2017.

She has invested a lot of professional and personal time encouraging oral health; including of schools in prevention programs, different promotion brigades and general dental care.

Dr Guillermo Gomez

Dr. Guillermo Gomez D.D.S

He is a dental surgeon who graduated from Mexico´s most prestigious University U.N.A.M. (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) in 2010.

While Dr. Gomez enjoyed his practices in general dentistry after graduation, he began taking national and international advanced dentistry courses, gaining his specialty in endodontics and finally graduating from the Technological university of Mexico in 2015.

Dr. Guillermo has received certifications from different institutes which include: Mexican Dental Association, National Federation of Colleges of Dental Surgeons A.C. and has passed the Board Certification; registered in the minute book as ADM Nº: E: C-0262-01 / 1 valid from April 2013 to April 2018.

Dr. Oscar Calvillo

Dr. Oscar Calvillo DDS

Has been performing Periodontics and Implantology on the recent years. In the Clinic, he implements his experience on both simple & complex periodontics’ treatments such as: dental implants, pocket reduction procedures, regenerative procedures, gum graft surgery.

His success was accomplished through various years of studies and intensive courses in both Mexico and the U.S.A (where he is also a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, yet his career began in back in 2009 when he graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi. Not too long afterwards, he decided to specialize in dentistry at Universidad Autónoma de México (U.N.A.M. – recognized as one of the best Universities in Latin America.) and finally graduated in 2014 tested by rigorous examinations.

Cancun Dental Specialists Testimonials


Irma Ayala

This is my second visit to Cancun Dental Specialists. I consider Dr. Irma Gavaldon a great dentist. I can tell she loves her job and it shows. The whole staff is very professional. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in great hands.


Robert A. Dilon

I visited the clinic for a tooth that was missing for years. I received three crowns and the bridge,and also had a root canal.Dr Irma was great. She made sure I was kept comfortable during all my procedures. Her staff are all very nice.I stay in Cancun every year for the month of February. Cancun Dental Specialists is now my new dentist for all my needs.


Don Balas

This was my second visit to Dr. Gavaldon? In June of 2016 I had a sinus lift and a root canal done at this clinic and I had left an excellent review at that time. This is a review of my second visit to get my implants uncovered and crowns placed. All I can say is everybody at this clinic from the front office staff to the doctors to even the drivers that pick you up did an excellent job. It is now little over 2 months since I had my crowns placed and I am extremely happy with the outcome. If I need any more dental work I will definitely go back to Cancun Dental Specialists. My overall experience at this facility has been 5 stars.


Nobles Amanda

This was my third visit to Cancun Dental Specialists. I consider Dr.Galvadon my "regular" dentist now. She truly is a great dentist! You are in good hands here people. You may have to wait a bit, but just bring a book or enjoy talking with others. I also traveled alone and was perfectly safe. I cant complain about any of the work i have had done there. ...bridges, fillings, tooth pulled, root canals, cleaning, whitening. I consider it a privelege to be there having dental work /vacation for the $, versus paying what they want around here! My only complaint....i didnt find out about isla muerjes until this last visit. what a wonderful place to escape for a few days. And check Spirit airlines! Cheap! I cant wait to go back for my checkup! Vacation! Thanks Dr Galvadon and to your professional staff. Always friendly and helpful.

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6 reviews on “Cancun Dental Specialists

  1. Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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    Great Clinic, Dr. G and Staff are the best

  2. Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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    Very professional services, in one session they can attend my dental problems.

  3. Rating: 3.3. From 3 votes.
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    I am sitting in their office now while they work on my husband. We received a quote last year and were pleasantly surprised the quote we received this morning before they started work was about $1000 less than the original quote last year.

  4. Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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    great experience, Staff are super friendly and there is a nice relaxing atmosphere. They were very professional and explained in Eglish the treatment needed. I will definitely go back when visiting Cancun once again.

  5. Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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    My experience with CDS has been more than wonderful, I went for dental implant treatment and it all worked out wonderfully. The doctors are very professional, kind and always make you feel confident. I had 2 implants and a complete lower set of teeth put in you would never know the difference.
    Best dental service I’ve ever had in my life!

  6. Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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    I recommend Dr. Irma Gavaldon and Cancun Dental Specialists, they have excellent facilities, the specialists are very professional and bilingual.
    Everyone is incredibly friendly, accommodating and very professional.
    It’s probably a really good thing I came when I did. The root canal & crown I had done a few years ago by a reputable dentist in New Jersey was infected. They didn’t remove all of the tooth, which ended up being what was causing the pain in my jaw.
    I came to Cancun to find I only had seven cavities and my root canal needed to be redone. No additional root canals were needed. I brought my bills from the states and even requested that the tooth the US dentist was claiming needed a root canal to be looked over further to ensure it didn’t. It was nothing more than just a surface cavity.

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