Bokanova Dental Center

Bokanova Dental Center

With 40 years of experience like Dental Clinic we are in the best dental clinics in Mexico, Bokanova is the new alternative that offers new innovations in odontology with team qualify, and certified by ADA.
Bokanova Dental Center is the new alternative that offers the latest innovations in dentistry worldwide with the reliable experience of our internationally trained team.

Location: Av. Cuauhtemoc #38, Col. Amatitlan, Cuernavaca, Morelos, C.P. 62410 México.

Phone: 01 777 3125711

Opening hours:
Mon – 8:00 – 6:00pm
Tue – 8:00 – 6:00pm
Wed – 8:00 – 6:00pm
Thu – 8:00 – 6:00pm
Fri – 8:00 – 6:00pm

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Bokanova Dental Center Prices

Composite white filling Composite white filling
Price: $100 USD
Regular Extraction Regular extraction
Price: $100 USD
oral-surgery.jpg Surgical Extraction
Price: $400 USD
Inlay or Onlay Inlay or Onlay
Price: $350 USD
Composite veneers Composite veneers
Price: $200 USD
PFM Crown PFM crown
Price: $380 USD
Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers
Price: $450 USD
Zirconia Crowns Zirconia Crowns
Price: $490 USD
Partial denture, metal frame Partial denture, metal frame
Price: $600 USD
Temporary partial or Fliper Temporary partial or flipper
Price: $100 USD
All-on-4 All on four
Price: $9,000 USD
All on six All on six
Price: $11,000 USD
Bone Graft Bone Graft
Price: $450 USD
Implant Supported 2 Implants Implant supported 2 Implants
Price: $2,750 USD
Implant Supported 4 Implants Implant supported 4 Implants
Price: $4,950 USD
Mini Implant Mini Implant
Price: $700 USD
sinus lift Sinus Lift
Price: $700 USD
Implant crown Implant crown
Price: $900 USD
Price: $5,000 USD
Metal braces Metal Braces
Price: $3,500 USD
root canal Root Canal
Price: $450 USD
Night Guard Night Guard
Price: $300 USD

Bokanova Dental Center Testimonials


In my opinion, the best option in Playa del Carmen. I was very satisfied with your services. Highly recommended!



My experience here was lovely - great communication, lovely staff and a warm and supportive environment. Highly recommended!

Amy Marjorie Grant


Usually, I panic to go to the dentist but whenever I go I go out super good and smiling, they are all super professionals and they do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, mega recommendable!

Daf Strempler

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