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Nucleo Dental is dental clinic established in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, near the border with United States. Their main objective is to provide their patients with top quality and comprehensive dental care. The staff at Nucleo Dental clinic speaks fluently both Spanish and English.They also have many years of experience and high quality education in different areas of dentistry. Along with their capable staff and state of the art technology every patient will be more than satisfied with their treatments. At Nucleo Dental patients can find services such as: dental implants, periodontic services, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, general dentistry, endodontic services, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, fluorine treatment, metal crowns, sealants, aesthetic crowns and root canal treatment. They are open not just for domestic clientele but are also more than happy to welcome international patients too. For them they can arrange pick up service, help with local travelling, and translation service. At this clinic high standardized protocols in hygiene and sterilization are followed.
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Location: Blvd. Tomás Fernández #7803,Los Parques, Ciudad Juárez,Chih C.P.32000

Toll Free: 1-855-988-4200
Office: 1 (915) 613 5233
1 (915) 239 5126
01 (656) 625 9250

Opening hours:

Mon 9:00 – 7:00pm
Tue 9:00 – 7:00pm
Wed 9:00 – 7:00pm
Thu 9:00 – 7:00pm
Fri 9:00 – 7:00pm
Sat 9:00 – 2:00pm

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Nucleo Dental Dentists

dr moran

Dr. Ernesto Moran | Chief Periodontist / Implantologist

Graduated as Dentist Surgeon and Specialty of Periodontics at the U.A.C.J. He received a Master's degree in Laser Dentistry from the Advanced Technological Institute (ITAV) in Monterey N.L.

Specialized studies of Implantology, taken at the following institutions of U.S.A. University of Miami, Misch Implantology Institute in Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Center, University of Texas at San Antonio, Medical College of Georgia, New York University, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Loma Linda University in California, MAP Institute , Implant Team Seminars in California, Nova South Eastern University in Florida, Tatum Institute in Florida, Center for Advanced Dental Education in Dallas.

dr julio

DR. Dr. Julio Nevarez, Prosthodontist, Oral Implantologist and Cosmetic Dentistry

Specialty Degree in Fixed and Removable Prosthetics, Autonomous University of Cd. Juarez, Chih. Mexico
Oral Implantologist and Certified in Cosmetic Dentistry.
Member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
Member of the International Prosthodontics Society.

dra adriana armendariz

Dr. Adriana Armendariz, General Dentist.

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua.


Dra. karla Duran

Dra. Karla Duran, Maxiofacial Surgeon

1994-1996: Dental assistant with Dr. José Cedillo.
1996-2001: Dental Assistant with Dr Ernesto Moran in the Nucleus of Dental Specialties
Social Service in the Health Center in the City of Chihuahua and Health Center in Ciudad Juárez Chih.
Dental surgeon in the office of Dr. Roberto Pastor during the service in Chihuahua capital.
January 2003: In charge of the Clinic of Dental Specialties, in Nvo Casas Gdes.
2004-2008: PhD in Nucleus of Dental Specialties
Currently: Dental Surgeon and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Nucleus of Odontological Specialties.

Nucleo Dental Testimonials



Excellent service, professional staff, very courteous, wonderful prices for top notch work. Very positive and pleasant experience. If you are looking for a great dental clinic in Juarez, this is the one!



I found this clinic through Whatclinic. I had called Washington Clinic to find they do not do Periodontal work, which I needed. I had ‘flap surgery’ where the gums are peeled back to fully clean teeth. Also, I had an extraction of a top molar because it was loose and there was bone lose due to bacteria. After the extraction, the loss of bone was replaced by the pacing of inert bone material.



I had the first phase of two implants and one filling. There was no pain as I expected. Everything went smooth and I’ll return in three months to complete my procedure.

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      Their work is misshapen, off colored, causing my jaw to ‘pop’. I cannot eat, I must wear a C-collar to sleep, and my ears ring. The patient care coordinator, Lori Shapiro, had the audacity to call me up after their botched work and my reports of pain to ask me in a sing-song voice “Are you having fun?” My disability was triggered I yelled “These crowns are falling out of my mouth!”. Lori hung up on me. I had contacted her about a crown falling out 24 hours after they placed it and I was experiencing terrific, terrifying pain in my neck, my arms going numb, and a pain shooting up and down my back. She refused to have the correct provider see me even after asking multiple times; verbally and through many emails asking specifically to see the Prosthodontist. I was seen by a Periodontist. I am disabled and shared this with Ms. Shapiro. I am a front-line worker, a Registered Nurse, and Lori has exacerbated my disability, which I developed in the line of duty. When I arrived at the dental clinic to have the crown recemented and was met by police. The lack of customer care is atrocious. This past week I have travelled over 2200 miles to attempt to get this work corrected only to be dropped by the clinic in the middle of treatment. They placed an implant and told me to find someone else to complete the work. They refunded a portion of what I gave them, but it does not make up for the horror-stricken experience. If you value your health or the health of your loved ones, especially if they are disabled you will most likely be treated with animus. The patient care coordinator’s conduct can only be described as criminal and amoral. Lori did not share my information with the provider-Dr. Moran, who was working outside of his scope of practice, and she proceeded to blame me for the problems created. She shared with me she is not a dental health professional. I know from their staff Lori receives commission for each person she brings into the clinic; she must get a premium if they see Dr Moran. I realized how avaricious and corrupt this woman was when I arrived at the clinic and was invited into a darken office a man with a side arm watching me. I was asked to go into a back office to sign a letter indicating I was being given a partial refund and was told they are not continuing with their care. Only after I question and pleaded for them to recement the crown back on did they do it, otherwise I would have been left with an exposed tooth. The office administrator insisted he knew nothing about me asking for the crown to be cemented. Once I signed the letter employees appeared from everywhere, the lights went back on, and Lori could be seen scurrying into a back office. The staff was calling out for her as she disappeared into a back room. Two police vehicles were outside waiting and watching. Dr. Moran was kind, I honestly believe he is a caring and thoughtful doctor. He did his best to accommodate me but was working outside of his skill set. I have had him place a crown before in 2018 which was amazing and was the reason I returned. However, in the end he had to refund $3400 out of his personal checking account because this unscrupulous woman did not do her job. She kept insisting “He’s the best” and reassured me Dr. Moran was the right provider and not Dr. Nevarez, the Prosthodontist whom she did recommend in one of the emails. I do not believe she shared any of these emails with Dr. Moran because on our first meeting he asked me “What are we doing?” She is a liability to an otherwise wonderful practice. Do not trust what she says because it is not what will occur. I had posted an earlier review which she promptly called and used coercion to have me remove it telling me Dr. Moran would not complete my implant if I posted my experiences with their dental care. I removed it as she insisted, and it did nothing to aid me.

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      A phenomenal disappointment which has left me in pain for months. I returned here after getting a crown placed several years ago by Dr. Moran. That crown was aesthetically and functionally beautiful. I raved about it to everyone. A local dentist damaged the crown shortly after it was placed in resulted in several teeth being damaged; a total of 4. It was so severe an occlusal splint was made for me and I advised to see a prosthodontist because of the resulting TMJ. The local dentist attempted to fix the problem but made it worse. I saved up for over a year to return because per their website a prosthodontist was on staff. I returned Sept 2020 for one implant ($1800+) and 6 zircon crowns ($600 a piece). What I was left with are teeth that don’t touch. My request for the prosthodontist have been ignored. The temporary crowns have fallen off twice. I cannot eat or sleep. I’ve had to wear a C-collar due to neck pain it’s caused. The crowns have been replaced twice with ugly globs of ceramic with little knobs that don’t touch plus they are the wrong color. Nothing Dr. Moran and I discussed was done correctly. He said that replacing 6 crowns would open my bite enough that my front teeth wouldn’t hit hard. That has not happened and he and another staff member have drilled away at my natural teeth to make them fit. Each trip is over 1000 miles and cost me over $400. So far I’ve been down 4 times and still it’s not right. They made me a bite guard which only causes me pain. I am disabled (PTSD) and a Registered Nurse. They have triggered my illness multiple times. El Paso is a hotbed of Covid-19 infections and I cannot afford to get sick, but I have to keep returning because of this shoddy work and they keep inferring it’s my fault. I’m at a loss. Please, be very direct with what you need to have done. They have a guarantee but how many of us can keep getting off work and returning every other week for them to correct what they’ve done? I feel like their approach is like using a shot gun; they shoot hoping it will hit the target. Please get verification on what exactly is going to be done because Dr. Moran put crowns on 2 teeth that I didn’t request. They have caused me more trauma, but I’ve paid thousands of dollars for this work and I’m S.O.L.

    3. Rating: 4.7. From 3 votes.
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      Excellent services. Dr. Moran is a very talented surgeon

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