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Dr Parra Implant Center

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Parra is one of the pioneers of Dentistry in Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico. Dr. Parra Implant center is a family owned and operated practice that strives to accomplish exceptional dentistry by any standards.

We have an endless commitment to each and every one of our patients that goes beyond our office doors.

Our friendly English-speaking staff ensures that each patient has a positive and comfortable experience in our office, this is why so many of our patients come back year after year from all over the United States and Canada. We invite you to visit our office and take a tour, our consultations are always free of charge and we would love the opportunity to meet you.

Clinic Details
Location: Mariano Ma.Lee, Los Algodones Baja California 21970, Mexico.

Phone: 928-723-0010

Opening hours:

Mon 8:00am – 16:30hrs
Tue 8:00am – 16:30hrs
Wed 8:00am – 16:30hrs
Thu 8:00am – 16:30hrs
Fri 8:00am – 16:30hrs
Sat 8:00am – 15:00hrs

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Dr Parra Implant Center Dentists

Dr. Linda Parra
Dentist - Office Manager
Dr. Linda Parra is one of our general dentists and is our office manager. She is in charge of daily operations and finances. She has spent her entire life in this dental office and is committed to quality and prestige of maintaining it to it’s highest standards.

Dr. Everardo de la Toba
Cosmetic and Implant Center
Dr. Ever is our main Dentist here at Dr. Parra Implant Center. He is married to Dr. Linda Parra. He specializes in implants and restorative dentistry. He enjoys fishing and hunting.

Dr. Armando Parra
Dr. Armando Parra no longer actively practices dentistry but is very involved in the offices daily services. His love of dentistry will not let me stray from the deep roots of his profession. He has been quoted as saying “I don’t know how to do anything else” although this may not be entirely true it’s not too far from the truth.

Dr. Enrique Lara
Root Canal Specialist
Dr. Enrique Lara is one our root canal specialist. He has 13 years of experience in endodontics and has been highly successful in this area of dentistry

Dr. Carlos
Oral Surgeon
Dr. Carlos is a general dentist that is currently training in Oral Surgery. His friendly nature makes me a patient favorite

Dr. Sergio Acevedo
Dr. Sergio is another one of our associate dentists and is trained in implant dentistry as well prosthodontics.

Dr Parra Implant Center Testimonials


Jim Ihle

I drove all the way from Colorado and found Dr. Evers and his staff who performed an amazing dental procedure, consisting of extracting all my lower teeth and some uppers and with his years of experience will be able to save most of my front teeth. I received 10 implants and healed quickly and am looking forward to returning and and finishing my permanent dentures. Hands down he is the best dentist in Los Algodones !


Vicki Gill

Honest and full of integrity. He treated my father with great respect care concern. Thank you so much!


Donnie Lawhon

Dr Ever called me today 8/16/17 after Reviewing my X-rays that were sent from my Florida Dentist via Email and explained the entire process of Implants and is going to email me an entire list of Options along with Prices in a few days after reviewing our conversation !
Planning on seeing Dr Ever for an Entire top Arch with 4-6 Implants in Oct 2017
after celebrating my Mothers 90th Birthday in Philly.

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    Dr ever did a great job on my teeth. 25 crowns ,crown lifts 3 implants
    5 stars.

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