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Ideal Dental Center

At Ideal Dental Center We are a dental practice, which works with the highest standards of quality dental care, because we have formed one of the best groups of specialists in dentistry.

Our goal is to provide individual attention worthy of you and your time.For us is very important your health, so we use the best methods of sterilization equipment and control of biological waste according to official Mexican standard. (Nom-168-ssa1). We have the best technology and the best materials to carry out any dental treatment.

Clinic Details
Location: 160 Tipografía 20 de Noviembre, Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, Federal District 15300, Mexico.

Phone: 5789 7190


Opening hours:

Mon 8:00 – 6:00pm
Tue 8:00 – 6:00pm
Wed 8:00 – 6:00pm
Thu 8:00 – 6:00pm
Fri 8:00 – 6:00pm

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Ideal Dental Center Prices

Regular Extraction Regular extraction
Price: $51 USD
oral-surgery.jpg Surgical Extraction
Price: $186 USD
Inlay or Onlay Inlay or Onlay
Price: $209 USD
laser teeth whitening Laser withening
Price: $189 USD
Ultrasonig scaling Ultrasonig scaling
Price: $59 USD
Composite white filling Composite white filling
Price: $69 USD
Home whitening kit Home whitening kit
Price: $190 USD
ceramic crown Ceramic crown
Price: $339 USD
Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers
Price: $300 USD
Temporary crownTemporary crown
Price: $35 USD
Temporary venner Temporary venner
Price: $35 USD
Zirconia Crowns Zirconia Crowns
Price: $390 USD
Dental veneers Zirconia veneer
Price: $310 USD
Full denture Full Denture
Price: $481 USD
Acrilyc dentures Acrilyc dentures
Price: $481 USD
Immediate dentures.jpgImmediate Dentures
Price: $395 USD
Flexible Partial Dentures Flexible Partial Dentures
Price: $720 USD
Partial denture, metal frame Partial denture, metal frame
Price: $489 USD
Diagnostics Diagnostics
Price: $29 USD
Panoramic Dental X-Ray Panoramic Dental X-Ray
Price: $20 USD
All-on-4 All on four
Price: $6,995 USD
All on six All on six
Price: $7,597 USD
Bone Graft Bone Graft
Price: $535 USD
Implant Supported 2 Implants Implant supported 2 Implants
Price: $3,790 USD
Implant Supported 4 Implants Implant supported 4 Implants
Price: $4,698 USD
Implant supported 6 implants Implant supported 6 Implants
Price: $5,695 USD
Mini Implant Mini Implant
Price: $500 USD
sinus lift Sinus Lift
Price: $600 USD
Implant crown Implant crown
Price: $474 USD
Titanium-implant1 Titanium Dental Implant
Price: $1,089 USD
Ceramic Braces Ceramic braces
Price: $2,940 USD
Damon Braces Damon Braces
Price: $2,930 USD
Price: $2,500 USD
Metal braces Metal Braces
Price: $2,930 USD
molar root canalMolar Root Canal
Price: $306 USD
root canal Root Canal
Price: $680 USD
Night Guard Night Guard
Price: $130 USD

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      Just got back from Mexico City where I spent a few days getting work done at Ideal Dental. Love this place! Great people, everyone has their own specialty which is all they do every day, so they’re really good at it. Best-fitting crowns I’ve ever gotten! I paid three times as much in the USA for crowns that had to be redone.

      I came for the prices, but now I’m going back for the quality!

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