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Mis Dentistas

In Mis Dentistas we believe in excellence of odontology, this means that we didn´t feel comfortable doing lees the mouths of our patients and try with care and attention of ours.

We believe in a complete diagnostic. We will be pleasured to explain all the referent on your oral health and what is more favorable to you.

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Clinic Details
Location: Av. Coyoácan 1878 – 408, Col. Acacias, CP.03240, México, D.F.

Phone: 5639 2202 • 5639 0198

Opening hours:

Mon: 10:30-20:00 hrs
Tue: 10:30-20:00 hrs
Wed: 10:30-20:00 hrs
Thu: 10:30-20:00 hrs
Fri: 10:30-20:00 hrs
Sat: 9:00-13:00 hrs

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Mis Dentistas Prices

Zoom teeth whitening Zoom teeth whitening
Price: $312 USD
Regular Extraction Regular extraction
Price: $115 USD
oral-surgery.jpg Surgical Extraction
Price: $271 USD
Home whitening kit Home whitening kit
Price: $231 USD
Inlay or Onlay Inlay or Onlay
Price: $352 USD
Fillings Fillings
Price: $115 USD
Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers
Price: $382 USD
Dental veneers Zirconia veneer
Price: $483 USD
Zirconia Crowns Zirconia Crowns
Price: $483 USD
ceramic crown Ceramic crown
Price: $453 USD
Temporary crownTemporary crown
Price: $50 USD
Temporary venner Temporary venner
Price: $50 USD
Full denture Full Denture
Price: $402 USD
Immediate dentures.jpgImmediate Dentures
Price: $352 USD
Flexible Partial Dentures Flexible Partial Dentures
Price: $402 USD
Acrilyc dentures Acrilyc dentures
Price: $402 USD
Partial denture, metal frame Partial denture, metal frame
Price: $483 USD
Temporary partial or Fliper Temporary partial or flipper
Price: $151 USD
Diagnostics Diagnostics
Price: $80 USD
molar root canalMolar Root Canal
Price: $392 USD
root canal Root Canal
Price: $392 USD
Implant crown Implant crown
Price: $1006 USD
Implant Supported 2 Implants Implant supported 2 Implants
Price: $5033 USD
Implant Supported 4 Implants Implant supported 4 Implants
Price: $7550 USD
Implant supported 6 implants Implant supported 6 Implants
Price: $10067 USD
Braces Braces
Price: $12584 USD
Titanium-implant1 Titanium Dental Implant
Price: $1006 USD
Bone Graft Bone Graft
Price: $1510 USD
sinus lift Sinus Lift
Price: $2516 USD
Night Guard Night Guard
Price: $151 USD

Mis Dentistas Dentists

Dr. Ricardo González-Plata
Who I am

• Graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico 1995.
• Specialty in Endodontics of the Division of Postgraduate Studies and Research 1998.
• Master of Oral Microbiology 2002.
• Professor of Endodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry of the UNAM 1998.
• Professor of Endodontics in the Division of Postgraduate Studies and Research 2000.
• Certified by the Mexican Council of Endodontics since 2000.

He is a member of:

• American Association of Endodontics.
• International Association for Dental Research.
• Mexican Association of Endodontics.

Other activities:

• Conferences are given in the Mexican Republic.
• His private practice is dedicated exclusively to the investigation of Endodontics
and General Dentistry.
• Author of a large number of scientific articles in specialized journals such as
Journal of Endodontics (USA), the Journal of the Division of Postgraduate Studies and Research
the Faculty of Dentistry.


• Endodontics • Periodontics •

Dr. Walter González-Plata
Who I am

• Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the UNAM in 1984.
• Specialist in Periodontics since 1986.
• Diploma in osseointegrated implants at the UNAM.
• Performed a Fellow at the State University of New York in Buffalo from 1992 to 1993.
• Master's degree in dental sciences at the UNAM in 1998 to 1999.
• Certified by the Mexican Board of Periodontics A.C. since 1996.

He is a member of:

• American Academy of Periodontology.
• Academy of Osseointegration.
• Mexican Association of Periodontology.
• Member and Ex-president of the Academy of Periodontology of Mexico City.

Other activities:

• He is currently a professor of the subject of Periodontology in the Division of
Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Dentistry of the UNAM, is former coordinator
of the specialty in the years from 1997 to 2000.
• He has given a number of lectures on the topics of Periodontics
and Implants nationally and abroad.
• He teaches national and international courses and conferences in his Specialty of
Periodontics as well as its treatment in bone regeneration procedures and the second
The specialty of Implantology.
• Author of a large number of scientific articles in specialized journals such as the
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants (USA), the Journal of Endodontics (USA),
the Journal of the Division of Postgraduate Studies and Research of the Faculty of Dentistry.


• Implantology • Dental Prosthesis •

Dra. Brena Cortés Reynoso
Who I am

• Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the UNAM in 1989.
• Performed the Specialty of Pediatric Dentistry 1990-1992 UNAM.
• Diploma in Maxillofacial Orthopedics.
• He has attended a large number of refresher courses in Pediatric Dentistry
and Orthopedics, as well as areas related to their specialty.
• Has a successful practice focused on the care of children and adolescents.


• Pediatric dentistry • Orthopedics •

Mis Dentistas Testimonials


the best is the consult that is simple and friendly. prices adjusted, no cheat or abuse. The treatment very well. They accept a lot of secures.


I start going for an implant very special and all goes very well. Then were family and friends. the environment is very special and unexpected.


Also of excellent doctors, they are very good people


Apart from a very good service receive, I like the environment that they create, with good music and familiar treatment, good price, the most important

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