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Dental Arts

Dental Arts are situated in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and are one of the longest-established dental facilities in the country, having been providing top quality treatments to international patients for nearly 25 years now. Located in the popular resort town of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco state, on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Dental Arts are the ideal choice for patients looking to combine their essential dental work with a luxury holiday in the sun.

Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its water sport activities, glorious beaches and vibrant night life. From the quaint, cobblestone town centre with its boutique shops, restaurants and bars, to the beachside promenade of El Malecón with its contemporary sculptures, lounges and nightclubs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Dental Arts clinic is a modern, fully equipped facility that utilizes the latest dental technologies and procedures to deliver optimal results every time.

Clinic Details
Location: Naranjo 274, Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Phone: +52 3222220695

Opening hours:

Mon 9:00 – 2:00pm
Tue 9:00 – 2:00pm
Wed 9:00 – 2:00pm
Thu 9:00 – 2:00pm
Fri 9:00 – 2:00pm
Sat 10:00 – 2:00pm

Dental Arts Prices

Composite white filling Composite white filling
Price: $ 40 USD
Regular Extraction Regular extraction
Price: $ 30 USD
oral-surgery.jpg Surgical Extraction
Price: $ 141 USD
Inlay or Onlay Inlay or Onlay
Price: $ 343 USD
laser teeth whitening Laser withening
Price: $ 126 USD
Home whitening kit Home whitening kit
Price: $ 126 USD
Composite veneers Composite veneers
Price: $ 126 USD
ceramic crown Ceramic crown
Price: $ 444 USD
PFM Crown PFM crown
Price: $ 277 USD
Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers
Price: $ 328 USD
Temporary crownTemporary crown
Price: $ 50 USD
Zirconia Crowns Zirconia Crowns
Price: $ 444 USD
Dental veneers Zirconia veneer
Price: $ 444 USD
Acrilyc dentures Acrilyc dentures
Price: $ 690 USD
Immediate dentures.jpgImmediate Dentures
Price: $ 639 USD
Full denture Full Denture
Price: $ 767 USD
Partial denture, metal frame Partial denture, metal frame
Price: $ 690 USD
Flexible Partial Dentures Flexible Partial Dentures
Price: $ 767 USD
Temporary partial or Fliper Temporary partial or flipper
Price: $ 50 USD
3d Dental X-Ray3D Dental X-ray
Price: $ 303 USD
Panoramic Dental X-Ray Panoramic Dental X-Ray
Price: $ 18 USD
Braces Braces
Price: $ 303 USD
Implant Supported 2 Implants Implant supported 2 Implants
Price: $ 1,261 USD
Implant Supported 4 Implants Implant supported 4 Implants
Price: $ 1,412 USD
Implant supported 6 implants Implant supported 6 Implants
Price: $ 1,462 USD
Braces Braces
Price: $ 1,614 USD
Mini Implant Mini Implant
Price: $ 869 USD
sinus lift Sinus Lift
Price: $ 358 USD
Implant crown Implant crown
Price: $ 857 USD
Titanium-implant1 Titanium Dental Implant
Price: $ 857 USD
Metal braces Metal Braces
Price: $ 1,513 USD
molar root canalMolar Root Canal
Price: $ 179 USD
root canal Root Canal
Price: $ 409 USD
Night Guard Night Guard
Price: $ 126 USD

Dental Arts Dentists

Maria Celina Gutierrez Gonzalez | DDS

Dental Surgeon
University of Guadalajara MX - 1993

Dental Arts Testimonials



"Without a doubt the best clinic in town."



"Excellent care, very good attention from the staff."



"I was very impressed with the care they offered, thank you."

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