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The clinic, which since 1987 beautifies smiles of their patients, currently has a team of 10 specialists in odontology. Dental office is located in Puerto Vallarta, and with good reason, because it is a popular tourist destination for many Canadians and The Americans. So many come to the dental tourism, which each year breaking records the arrival of tourists.

The clinic for experienced staff who will take care of you during your treatment, and compliance with instructions provided by various organizations, hygiene in clinic is at a very high level.

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Location: 311 Basilio Badillo Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48380, Mexico.

Phone: +52 3222230505

Opening hours:

Mon 9:00 – 8:00pm
Tue 9:00 – 8:00pm
Wed 9:00 – 8:00pm
Thu 9:00 – 8:00pm
Fri 9:00 – 8:00pm
Sat 9:00 – 1:00pm

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Just Smiles Dentists

Dr. Martín Guillén Calderón | Reconstruction and Implants

General Director of JUSTSMILES®Dental Clinic of Dr. Guillen

Dental Technician.
Graduated at the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Guadalajara.
Certified in Restorative Odontology, University Center of La Costa (USA).
Courses on Dental Implants, New York (USA).
Certified in Implantología and Oral Rehabilitation, Independent University of Puebla.
Graduated in Oral Implantology, University of Loma Linda, California (USA).
Graduated in Odontology Restorative and Dental Aesthetic.
Certificate in Implant University of Pennsylvania.

Dra. Guillermina Estrada González | Surgeon Dentist

Graduated at the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Guadalajara.
Masters in Education of Sciences with specialty in Prostodoncia at the University of Guadalajara.
Graduated in Restorative Odontology at the University of Guadalajara.
Graduated in Aesthetic Odontology.

Dra. Martha Haro Cruz | Surgeon Dentist

Graduated at the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Guadalajara.
Graduated in Aesthetic and Restorative Odontology.
Member of the School of Surgeons Dentists of Puerto Vallarta.
Courses in reconstructive post-endodontic, dental surgery, free removable partial prosthesis, metal restorations, total aesthetic porcelain prosthesis, posts prefabricated and empress crowns.
Graduated in Aesthetic Odontology.

Dr. Angélica Aguilar Vargas | Surgeon Dentist

Graduated at Michoacan University of San Nicholas of Hidalgo, Morelia Mich.
Adviser and promoter of panoramic, lateral x-ray of skull, peri apicales and handling of cefalometrics digital outlines for orthodontia.
Graduated in Restorative Odontology

Dra. Viridiana Soto Robles | General Dentist

Graduated in Aesthetic and Restorative Odontology.
Graduated at the Faculty of Odontology of the Independent University of Baja California.

Dr. César E. García Briseño | Specialist in Periodoncia

Medical Surgeon Dentist, Graduated At The University Of Guadalajara In 1984- Specialist In Periodoncia, Graduated At The University Of Guadalajara In 1988.
Professor And Instructor Of Periodoncia At Level Of Specialty Of The Independent University Of Guadalajara.
Professor And Instructor Of Periodoncia At Level Of Career Of The Independent University Of Guadalajara.
Professional Thesis Adviser At The Independent University Of Guadalajara.
Member Of The Mexican Academy Of Periodoncia.
Member Of The Mexican Advice Of Periodoncia.
Private Practice Exclusive In Periodoncia Nacional Lecturer.

Dr. Oscar Gabriel Salcido Robles | Specialist in Endodoncia

Graduated at the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Guadalajara 1983.
Permanent studies updating in endodontic.
Postgraduate in Endodontic at the University of Guadalajara.
President of the Society Jalisciense of Endodontic 1992.
Advanced training courses in Endodontic.
Private practice exclusively in Endodontic.

Dra. Luz María Loaiza Osorio | Orthodontist

Title of Surgeon Dentist in 1999
Title of Orthodontic Specialist in 2012

Member of the following association:
American Orthodontist Association AAO
Mexican Orthodontist Association AMO
College of Orthodontist of Jalisco State

Extra courses and certifications:
AAO Denver Colorado 1998
AAO Chicago Illinois 2011
AMO San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí 2012
AMO Acapulco Guerrero 2013
3rd place in the Thesis Contest

Dr. Oscar Ramos Cheek | Oral Surgery and Oral Pathologist

Graduated at the Academic Unit of Odontology (1991-96).
Specialist in Oral Surgery 1998-2000) UAO-UAN.
Oral Medicine Specialist and Oral Pathology (2000-1) UAM-Xochimilco.
Winner of the Medal of Merit for best qualifications University UAM-Xochimilco .
Masters in Odontology (2001-3) UAO-UAN.
Graduated in Stomatology Pharmacology (2002) TEC-Monterrey.
Graduated in Oral Implantology (2003) UAO-UDG.
University professor of Pregrade and Posgrade at the Academic Unit of Odontology of the UAN.
National and international lecturer and scientific publications author.
Winner of National Prizes of Odontology Investigation.

Dra. Daniela Verdín Hernández | Surgeon Dentist

Graduated at the Faculty of Odontology of the Independent University of Nayarit in Tepic Nayarit Mexico.
Course on Esthetic and Restorative Odontology with Dr. Roberto Espinoza in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.
Course on Oral Rehabilitation of The Dental Federation Ibero-latin american.

Dra. Lidia Lizeth Garcia Montes | Surgeon Dentist

Graduated in The Faculty of Dentistry at the University De La Salle Bajio in Leon Guanajuato Mexico.

Courses in Diseases of the oral mucosa.
Course in Pediatric dentistry and Dental materials in Pediatric dentistry.
Course in Esthetic and Restorative dentistry.

Upgrade in dental Specialities.

Just Smiles Testimonials


Frankie Arreazola

"One of my crowns needed to be re-cemented and it was done fast and inexpensively. Appointment was made and I was in and out. Staff was friendly, office was super clean. I will definitely use again!"


Miss Artemis

"I went to Puerto Vallarta to do dental work with my mom. After corresponding with another dental office via email we didn't like the options they gave us in person. They made us believe we could do all the work we needed to do in our 10 day visit. When we got there they over exaggerated the work and the cost nearly doubled. My friend had referred my mom and I to Just Smiles and I wish we went here first. Dr Jesus Hernandez was absolutely amazing. He walked us through all our options and gave us his honest opinion. He was very thourough and made sure we understood the process from beginning to end. We will be coming back next year to proceed with the best option he provided for us. Thank you Just Smiles for making my mom leave Happy instead of in tears like the last place."


Kathy McCartney

"My husband and I have gone to PV for many years and finally decided to have our teeth cleaned. We were both very impressed with the service, the office and our dentists. We will probably get it done again next year."


Raphaël Pathé

"I got a deep cleaning today with Dra. Guillermina Estrada González and I'm very satisfied : she was gentle, friendly, the room was super clean, the music was perfect, she really deserves my 5* thank you doctor, you're amazing and my teeth feel so much cleaner."


Faye Kelly

"I would highly recommend this Dental facility! They have amazing service, and the top end equipment and service. I plan to return to have my dental work completed. The dentist assured me of not needing dental implants, but a bridge would be best, I so appreciate his honesty and not upselling me, like so many dentists do here in the US. Thank you,"


Cameron McCool

"Very good dentist in Puerto Vallarta. I had a simple clean, but it was by far the best and most comprehensive teeth cleaning I've ever had. Highly recommended. Ask for Dr Angelica Maria Aguilar Vargas."

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