How frequently should you visit the dentist?

If you do not have problems with your teeth, you should visit the dentist at least every 6 months.

This goes for most of persons, but your dentist will know what is best for you. After the visit, your dentist will tell you when to visit him again. The lucky ones will have to visit the dentist once or twice a year. But, if you do not belong to this group, you should be more careful.

Maybe you could be a person with highest risk for dental diseases if you have diabetes, inflammation of the gums, if your immune system is not enough strong or if, in your case, the plaque and tartar accumulate faster.

It is very important to maintain your teeth healthy and with control and regular teeth cleaning you will have some great advantages such as:

-The problems will be discovered at the beginning
-You will maintain your physical health
-Prevention from the cancer of the mouth
-Prevention from gum diseases
-Healthy and beautiful smile
-Prevention from bad breath-and, also very important, you will use your medical insurance that you pay regularly.

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