how to travel to mexico

How to Travel to Mexico as a Dental Tourist

how to travel to mexico
Dental tourism is a burgeoning industry in Mexico. Many people from the United States and Canada are looking to travel to Mexico in search of quality dental care at an affordable price. With more an more people expressing interest in seeking treatment in Mexico, the question now becomes: "How do I travel there?".  Some of the larger dental care centers in Mexico also function as travel agencies and arrange flight bookings, accommodation and land transportation services for their clients. In addition to this many of the dental care companies in Mexico offer a free shuttle service from the border to their facilities. These make the travel experience much more convenient. For the ordinary traveller however, there are constraints in terms of budget and basic commuting instructions are necessary. This article serves to create a step by step guide for the most cost efficient means to travel from both the United States and Canada to Mexico.

Traveling from the United States

This article will express preference for traveling by bus as it is the cheapest method of travel between the United States and Mexico.


Option 1: Americanos

The Greyhound Bus Company offers a special service aptly called Americanos. This is a direct trip from practically any state to Mexico. The Americanos service bypasses traditional Greyhound stops to ensure a faster trip. Travel time rivals that of the company's high end product: The Greyhound Express.

To book a ticket aboard the Greyhound Americanos service go to their site and book a ticket

Option 2: Traditional Greyhound or Driving a Car

For those who do not have access to the Greyhound Americanos service in their state or who elect to drive a car instead, a convenient way to travel from the United States to Mexico is by commuting to any of the border towns. Travelers can then disembark upon crossing the border and transfer to a separate bus to a specific destination in Mexico.

The corresponding border towns are enumerated in the table below along with the estimated distance between border points as well as the time necessary to travel by bus.

Border TownsDestinationDistanceTime
San Diego,
CA Tijuana, BCN
Cabo San Lucas
Mexico City
1,053 miles / 1,694 kms
1,433 miles / 2,306 kms
1,770 miles / 2,848 kms
24 hours
36 hours
41 hours
AZ Nogales,
255 miles / 410 kms
742 miles / 1,194 kms
1,053 miles / 1,694 kms
5 hours
16 hours
26 hours
El Paso,
TX Ciudad Juarez,
Mexico City
234 miles / 376 kms
782 miles / 1,258 kms
1,158 miles / 1,863 kms
5 hours
11 hours
24 hours
TX Nuevo Laredo,
Mexico City
139 miles / 224 kms
431 miles / 693 kms
719 miles / 1,157 kms
3 hours
8 hours
14 hours
TX Matamoros,
San Luis Petosi
Mexico City
347 miles / 559 kms
598 miles / 963 kms
606 miles / 975 kms
10 hours
17 hours
14 hours


For those specifically seeking dental treatment, it is also possible that the dental care facility you have contacted is offering a free private shuttle service from the border. Simply contact your dental care provider for more details.


Traveling from Canada or Farther parts of USA

The distance between the Canada to Mexico is so vast that it warrants airfare. This article presents two options for travel. The first would take into consideration travel time, while the second would aim for much lower cost.


Option 1: Air Travel

Unfortunately for air travelers, not all international airports in Mexico allow for direct flights to and from Canada or farther parts of USA. The only airport that is most certain to accommodate direct flights from most airlines is Mexico City International Airport (IATA: MEX, ICAO: MMMX). If you are seeking dental treatment, the most practical and time efficient way to travel by air is to fly to any of the border Mexican towns with dental care facilities. The list below indicates border towns and their corresponding international airport. Simply arrange transfer flights with your airline of choice.


Border Town



Gen. Abelardo Rodriguez International Airport


Nogales International Airport

Ciudad Juarez

Abraham Gonzales International Airport

Nuevo Laredo

Quezalcoatl International Airport


General Servando Canales International Airport


Option 2: Travel by Bus

Traveling by bus is always the most economical way to travel. Considering the distance between Canada or West USA and Mexico though, bus travelers should be prepared for a long ride. The fastest way to travel to Mexico  by bus is through the border crossing between Vancouver and Seattle. This trip is discussed in step by step fashion below.

1.    Book a bus ticket from your location in Canada to the city of Vancouver.

2.    From Vancouver, book a Greyhound bus ticket to cross the border. This is usually a 6 hour trip including border inspections. The bus will take you to the Seattle bus terminal.

3.    From Seattle, take a Greyhound Americanos bus when it is available for a direct trip to Mexico. This will save valuable time. If it is not available or the next trip via Greyhound Americanos will result in excruciatingly long waiting times, take an ordinary bus to a border town between the United States and Mexico.

4.    Cross the Mexican border and take another bus to your destination of choice. If you are seeking dental services, collaborate with your dental care provider for a possible free shuttle service arrangement from the border.

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