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How to Start Your Dental Work In Los Cabos

The affordable prices of Dentists in Cabo San Lucas makes The dental specialists combine low cost and high quality of service, this pleace combine amazing beaches and dental care to make a favorite dental tourism destination. The dentists are highly skilled and certified.

The specialists practice according to the strict protocols of the American Dental Association (ADA).

The cost here are considerable a dental implants in cabo San Lucas are less than half what it costs in the United States, for these reason Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is the good choice location for dental tourism.

Dental Prices in Los Cabos: Cost Comparison

Average Implant Crown Cost in Mexico

implant crown cost

Implant Crowns can be of a couple materials, Metal-Metal Fused to Porcelain, Gold, All Porcelain, Zirconia.

Prices for Metal-Fused to Porcelain Implant Crown usually cost around
$250-$370 USD
Gold implant crown costs around$400-750 USD
All Porcelain Crowns Cost around$300-$550 USD
Zirconia Crowns$350 USD to $600 USD

These are the average prices for implant crowns in Mexico, Get a quote and find out more regarding these treatments at the following links.

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    Choosing the correct clinic for your needs

    Below you will find information on the best dental clinics that we recommend in Los Cabos, Mexico. Find prices, information and comments.

    Top Ranking 1

    Paradise Dental Los Cabos

    Ubication >> Puerto Paraiso Shopping Center, first floor stores 285, Supermanzana terrace 19 287, 23479 Cabo San Lucas

    Rating: 5.0. From 1 vote.
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    Paradise Dental Los Cabos is a Top Dental Clinic in Mexico, Located in the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas.
    At Paradise Dental you will receive a paradise-like experience for you with end-to-end guidance and patient care. Visit them and get the dental care no other clinic has given you.

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    Top Ranking 2
    Dr. thomas koty - advanced cabo dentistry

    Advanced Cabo Dentistry

    Ubication >> Mira Vista 40, MLS #18-2760, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico.

    Rating: 3.7. From 52 votes.
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    We are specialists in dental Implantology and restorative, the dental office is attended for Dr. Thomas Koty. The Dental office has full in-house laboratory and CAD/CAM technology.

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    Top Ranking 3

    Angels Touch Dental Clinic Baja Sur Peninsula

    Ubication >> Plaza Doradas Building Local 10 & 11, Los Cabos, BCS Baja Sur Peninsula, Mexico.

    Rating: 3.7. From 10 votes.
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    Dr. Rosy Peña came to San Jose for more than 25 years and since then constantly care for their patients, who come from all over America to get the quality dental services for a cheaper price. The doctor works in a modern dental office. Experience gained in the work allows her to solve every problem with your oral health.

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    Top Ranking 4
    Ok Dental Center

    Ok Dental Center

    Ubication >> Plaza San Ramón, Ejidal Chamizal, 23470 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico.

    Rating: 3.9. From 14 votes.
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    OK Dental Center is has 13 years offer dental services to both local and international patients, from USA and Canada. We got specialists in orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and endodontics.

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    Top Ranking 5
    Dental Sunset

    Dental Sunset

    Ubication >> Libertad, Lienzo Charro, 23470 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. México

    Rating: 3.8. From 14 votes.
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    Dental Sunset offers extractions, inlay/onlays, home whitening kit, crowns, veneers, dentures, and root canal therapies. We treat both local and international patients.

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    Before & After Composite Veneers in los Cabos

    composite veneers

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      How long do I need to stay in Los Cabos to complete my dental treatment?

      Your dental vacation should be centered on the success of your dental treatment. Although you will likely want to take in the scene and enjoy all of the treats Los Cabos has to offer, with proper planning you can find time to take care of your dental needs and be able to visit all the tourist attractions you have in mind.

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      Some clinics accept dental insurance, is important put in contact with the clinic before.

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