Best Cost Comparative Price Guide To All Dental Tourism Treatments Available of Dentist in Mexico

Find the best dentist in Mexico, you can have savings of 70 to 90% percent in dental procedures, compared to costs in the United States or Canada, Mexico offers diferent destinations and Dental specialists, Tijuana, Piedras Negras, Los Algodones, is the mosts visited locations for it’s proximity to with USA, but Mexico offers another destinations that combine beachs with amazing places like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, los Cabos or colonial places like, Guanajuato, Guadalajara or Aguascalientes.

Mexico dentist prices are more affordable in comparison with the dental services in the USA.

Look the list dentists prices in the different clinics and compare prices, if you need to get a quote we can help you.

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Dental Bridges Cost

3-Unit Bridge

3 unit bridge
3-Unit Bridge is usually the cost of a single crown times 3, Crowns average in Mexico anywhere from $300 USD to $550 USD depending on the materials used, So the price of a 3-Unit bridge in Mexico can range from $900 USD to $1650 USD. Please confirm with the dentist what material you will get and if there prices are all inclusive. Find and compare different providers for 3-Unit Bridge restorations in Mexico.

Maryland Bridge

maryland bridge
Maryland Bridges are not as common know a days as in the past they are mainly used know s a temporary restoration. The average price of a Maryland bridge covering the space of one tooth is around $500 USD, Maryland bridges connected on to the back part of the two adjacent teeth anchoring a tooth in the missing position. They can be made out of metal fused to porcelain or zirconia, metal fused to porcelain generally being a little cheaper than zirconia.

PFM Bridge

pfm bridge
Porcelain Fused to Metal is still widely used for bridges as it is one of the cheapest materials available for your restorations. These bridges can go over implants or natural teeth, The price or cost of the bridges depend on the amount of teeth involved and if they are over natural teeth or implants. Usually working with implants makes them a tiny bit more expensive. The average price per tooth and a porcelain fused to metal bridge is around $340 USD so a 3-Unit Bridge would cost $340 USD X 3 or a 6-unit bridge would cost $340 USD to 6=$2040 USD

Dental crowns Cost

PFM Crown

pfm crowns
The average cost of porcelain fused to metal crowns in Mexico can range anywhere from $150 USD to $400 USD. The recommended cost for a quality facility will be around $250 USD to $350 USD. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are the most common type of restoration made in Mexico. When researching for a dentist or clinic it is important to find a quality clinic that will deliver a guarantee on these crowns.

Ceramic Crown

ceramic crown
Ceramic Crowns now a days are one of the best restorations available for patients, no metals required, aesthetic feel and look, and great strength and durability. These ceramic crowns can range from around $300 USD to $500 USD, they can be hand made or made by computer thru cad/cam systems. When trying to find a clinic abroad look for a clinic that offers these type of crowns at around these prices

Zirconia Crown

zirconia crown
Zirconia Crowns can be done in two methods either monolithic zirconia meaning that its a full coutur All zirconia crown or a Zirconia fused to porcelain crown. The average price for a zirconia crown in Mexico ranges anywhere from $350 USD to $500 USD, depending on the area if they have to outsource it or if it’s done in-house. Zirconia know a days has become the leading material in crowns because of its durability and strength. Find the best providers for zirconia crowns in Mexico.

Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns in Mexico are usually included free in treatment plans, Unless they are long term temporary crowns, Long term temporary crowns are usually made by high impact acrylic or made with sistems with a material commonly know as PMMA, these crowns might range in cost from $100 USD to $200 USD

Braces Cost

Damon Braces

damon braces
Damon Braces are a great alternative to dental tourist, The average cost for the full treatment is around $2000 USD, Orthodontic treatments in Mexico tend to be cheaper but harder to get adjustments and fixed in case a bracket falls off. Damon Braces offer lower treatment times and clear brace that makes the look more aesthetic than regular Braces in Mexico.


Invsialign treatment in Mexico offers some savings but not much, they require at least two trips to Mexico or the study models/ impressions being sent prior to invisalign in order to get the treatment upon arrival. Invisalign takes around a month or two month to manufacture the treatment, Sometimes multiple appointments are needed for more complex treatments. If you have easy access to the border or don’t mind taking multiple vacations to Mexico. Invisalign treatment in Mexico might be a good option for you.

Ceramic Braces

ceramic braces
Ceramic Braces Cost Around $600 USD for the initial payment for upper and lower and aprox $60 USD Per consultation after that. A lot of dental tourist think they can get them in Mexico and continue with the adjustments back in their country, in some cases this is possible in others some dental tourist patients have a hard time finding a local dentist that will continue their treatment. Our recommendation for patients looking to travel for braces in Mexico is that they are willing and can make a multiple trips if necessary.

Metal Braces

metal braces
Metal braces can be a as little as $400 USD for the initial placement of the treatment it is important when researching for a clinic in Mexico for traditional braces that you find a certified orthodontist doing your treatment. We would recommend you to stay away from General dentist offering this treatments to significantly lower any risk of complications. Click on the following links and find out more about getting braces in Mexico, Prices of Braces in Mexico and everything you should know when getting your treatment abroad.

Adult Braces

adult braces
Many Adults go to Mexico for their orthodontic treatment because of the significantly lower costs in orthodontic treatments, Going to Mexico can help you get a couple vacations out of it, Or if you live close to the border can save you a couple thousand dolars when getting your treatment. Click on the following links to find out more about costs of adults braces and what provider is best for you.

Dental Veneers Cost

Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers
Thousand of American and Canadians go to Mexico each year for Porcelain Dental Veneers, Porcelain Veneers usually range from anywhere from $300 USD to $600 USD in Mexico. These Veneers are commonly made with quality material like Davinci Porcelain, Emax Porcelain and other mayor brands. Veneering your upper front 6 teeth might cost you around $2400 USD, Click the following links and find a certified dentist in Mexico that provides aesthetic high quality veneers.


Lumineers are the least invasive way or placing porcelain laminates over your teeth, They are not meant for all cases mostly for ideal cases where the patients teeth are relatively straight, ideal with no bite problems. The cost of Lumineers in Mexico is around $480 USD for your upper smile line premolar to premolar 8 teeth you could be looking at around $4000 USD. Compare between clinics and Mexico and find the right provider for you, your wallet, and your upcoming Hollywood smile

Zirconia Veneer

zirconica veneers
Zirconia Veneers are relatively new and not used by too many dentists, because zirconia veneers ususally need to be layered with porcelain for an aestethic look dentist usually choose all porcelain veneers instead. The average price for a zirconia veneer in Mexico is around $480 USD per veneer/tooth.

Composite Veneers

composite veneers
Composite Veneers also known as tooth bonding is a non-invasive way to treat you teeth The average cost of teeth bonding in Mexico ranges anywhere from $100 USD to $150 USD per tooth. Find out the best clinics to get this treatment in Mexico

Dentures Cost

Immediate Dentures

immediate dentures
Immediate Dentures are usually made after getting all yours extractions. Because the are made in an iterm process while your gums and bone is healing the maybe not fit perfect, this is why most places offer them at a significantly lower price as a temporary solution. The average price for immediate dentures is Mexico ranges anywhere from $200 USD to $400 USD

Temporary Partial or Flipper

Temporary Partial or Flipper
Temporary Partials or Flippers are commonly used as a temporary restoration while something is healing or an implant is healing consists of prefabricated acrylic teeth and an acrylic partial sometimes being able to be done directly in the office. The low cost of temporary partials in Mexico usually ranges from $100 USD to $150 USD for one more multiple teeth.

Partial Denture Metal Frame

denture metal frame
Partial Dentures with Metal Frame are a very common type of denture usually more expensive than temporary dentures or partial dentures because the metal frame involves more labour and can sometimes fail in the casting. For metal frame dentures it is recommended to stay a little longer than other types of partial dentures in Mexico. The metal frame partial dentures are made of CrCo material. Average price for metal frame partial dentures in Mexico is around $450 USD to $750 USD.

Flexible Partial Dentures

flexible partial denture
Flexible Partial Dentures are usually made out of a material called Valplast in Mexico, These need a special machine to be processed some locations might not have them. Make sure you don’t get a regular acrylic denture that are not flexible. Flexible partial dentures tend to be more resistant and more comfortable for patients. Partial Dentures are sometimes charge if the are for one quadrant or two quadrants. The one in the picture would be a two quadrant partial denture. These have an average cost of $200 to $500 USD.

Acrylic Dentures

composite veneers
Acrylic Dentures can range anywhere from $200 USD to $750 USD for a set why the difference? Because there is different materials and quality of teeth and workmanship usually you can find dentures at a relatively same cost as in the U.S, only around 30% cheaper. Look for a dentist in Mexico that will provide you with the highest quality denture at a reasonable cost. Immediate dentures tend to be cheaper as they are usually intern while your mouth is healing form the extractions.

Full Denture

full denture

Diagnostics Cost

Panoramic Dental X-Ray

panoramic dental x ray

3D Dental X-Ray

3d dental x ray

Fillings Cost

Composite Filling

composite white fillings

Amalgam Filling

amalgam fillings

Inlay or Onlay Cost





Other Procedures Cost

Dental Bonding

dental bonding

Ultrasonic Scaling

ultrasonic scaling

Night guard

night guard

Gum surgery

gum surgery



Extraction (surgical or impacted)

surgical extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removal

Gingival Flap Surgery

gingival flap surgery

Root Canal Cost

Root Canal

root canal
The average cost of a Root Canal on a tooth ranges from $180 USD to $350 USD. We recommend to dental tourist looking for an endodontic treatment abroad to look for a specialists in endodontics and especially one that has a Endodontic Microscope and a 3D CBCT X-ray, these are the best diagnostic tools available at the moment for root canal treatments. Find the Best Root Canal specialists in Mexico at the following links.

Molar Root Canal

molar root canal
The average cost of a Root Canal on a molar tooth ranges from $250 USD to $350 USD. We recommend to dental tourist looking for an endodontic treatment abroad to look for a specialists in endodontics and especially one that has a Endodontic Microscope and a 3D CBCT X-ray, these are the best diagnostic tools available at the moment for root canal treatments. Find the Best Root Canal specialists in Mexico at the following links.

Teeth Whitening Cost

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

zoom teeth whitening
Zoom whitening in Mexico cost around $150 USD to $250 USD depending on the dentist and the number of sessions. Zoom whitening is considered one of the best products for teeth whitening in the dental market right now. Check out different providers in Mexico for the best whitening system available.

Laser Whitening

laser whitening
Laser Whitening can be done all in one visit one session to a dentist in Mexico, The average price for Laser whitening across Mexico is $100 USD required an appointment of 1 hours and you have to be a candidate for this treatment. If you have restorations like crowns fillings or problems like chipped teeth/ errosion you might not be a candidate. Contact the clinics in Mexico and find out if you are a candidate for this treatment at the links below.

Home Whitening Kit

home whitening kit
At Home Whitening Kits are a great way to bleach your teeth constantly and get the color you want. The average price for at home whitening kit in Mexico is around $100-$160 USD, It can be made in one day in under 45 minutes, consists of taking impression, making the mouth guards are giving you the kit. Compare prices of different clinics at home whitening options in Mexico

Dental Implants Cost

Bone Graft

bone graft
Bone grafting Treatment in Mexico can range in price anywhere from $150 USD to $3000 USD to more extensive bone grafting procedures. Bone grating varies in the amount of bone lose the patient has, the quality of the bone used, the origins of the bone used (Cadaver, Synthetic, Patient Own Bone). Also Depends on the type of bone grafting treatment that will be require like ridge preservation(Bone grafting after extraction) , Ridge Augmentation (Mayor Bone grafting), Sinus Lift (Upper Molar Area). Find out more about bone grafting and different costs and prices of dentist in Mexico.

All on Four

all on four
All on 4 Treatments in Mexico Consist in a couple factors, The amount of bone available, The type of final restoration, And the Temporary restoration. Usually these treatments are done in two phases, The first phase might include 4 implants and a temporary restoration and a final restoration usually a fixed hybrid denture. Implants range from $700 – 1200 USD each around $2800 to $4800 USD, the temporary restoration from $350 to $1500, and Final Fixed Hybrid denture at around $3500-$6500 USD per Arch. It is important to find a location that does these treatment screw retained not cemented, has all the equipment and technologies available like 3D Scans, Digital Dentistry, Cad/Cam Lab in order to do these treatments correctly in a short time frame.

All on Six

all on six
All on 6 Treatment in a great option for patients that have good bone, are willing to do sinus lifts, need more support than just 4 implants or what a heavier restoration like a prettau bridge (Full Arch zirconia restoration). Prices usually incresase around 20% compared to the all on 4 Treatment. It is important to find a clinic that will do this restoration screw-retained and no cemented as cemented restoration coannot be removed and are a risk in the long run. The average price for a All on 6 witha  fixed hybrid denture or prettau bridge restoration is around $6000 USD for the Surgical phase and $6000 USD per the restorative phase per Arch, This is for the average person with bonelose,periodontal desease, sedation, implants , etc,etc. Find out the different costs of all on 6 with qualified providers.


There are two different types of sinus lifts, Crestal sinus lift, and lateral sinus lift, Also known as sinus aumentation. Your sinuses are located in the upper molar area anywhere from your premolars to your 3rd molar. The average cost of a sinus lift is Mexico is around $700 USD for a crestal sinus lift like ilustrated on the picture, to $1500 USD for a sinus lift thru lateral window. Find different clinics that offer Sinus Lift treatment in Mexico Compare cost,credentials, equipment between the best dental clinics.

Implant Crown

implant crown
Implant Crowns can be of a couple materials, Metal-Metal Fused to Porcelain, Gold, All Porcelain, Zirconia. Prices for Metal-Fused to Porcelain Implant Crown usually cost around $250-$370 USD, Gold implant crown costs around $400-750 USD, All Porcelain Crowns Cost around $300-$550 USD, Zirconia Crowns $350 USD to 600 USD. These are the average prices for implant crowns in Mexico, Get a quote and find out more regarding these treatments at the following links.

Mini Implant

mini implant
Mini Dental Implants are a great solution for snap on dentures for edentoulus patients. Patients with big infections severe bone lose or mutliple extractions sometimes are not the best candidates for mini implants. Mini implants work great for people that are currently using implants and have a small bone ridge. The average cost of each mini implant in Mexico ranges from $350 USD to $500 USD per mini implant. Mini implants are commonly used for snap on dentures and sometimes for single tooth restorations.

Titanium Dental Implant

titanium dental implants
Titanium Dental Implant is the most commonly used implant in dentistry, other options like zirconium implants are available now but haven’t been in the market long enough to determine their success. Most providers in Mexico for dental implants provide tianium implants, The price for the dental implant placement only not including the restoration ranges anywhere from $700 USD to $1100 USD. Prices may vary if you are getting multiple implants, if you have bone lose, if you need extractions and other factors alike.

Implant Supported Overdenture (2 Implants)

implant supported 2 Implants
Implant Supported Snap on Dentures with 2 implants is an affordable solution to getting a better fit on your dentures. The average prices for this treatment is around $3000 USD divided in two phases the surgical phase and the restorative phase. The average cost for the two implants is usually around $1800 USD if not extractions are needed and the cost of new dentures with housing and o-rings are around $1200 USD. Compare costs between providers in Mexico and get rid of you loose dentures once and for all.

Implant Supported Overdenture (4 Implants)

ImplantSupported Overdenture 4 Implants
Implant Supported Snap on denture over 4 implants provide more and better retention than less implants, the cost goes up by the two implants but the rest of the prices stay around the same price. The average costs for this treatment for both the surgical and restorative phase is around $4600 USD. Get a quote from the best providers for Click in dentures, snap on dentures or over dentures in all of Mexico. Another great advantage of getting 4 implants instead of 3 or 2 is that with 4 implants you can upgrade your snap on dentures to a fixed hybrid restoration if your budget permits it and you would like something fixed instead of removable.

Implant Supported Overdenture (6 Implants)

implant supported 6 implants
Implanted supported dentures over 6 implants are a great way to provide great stability and long term treatment, the bite force is evenly distributed over the 6 implants causing less stress on the implants. The average cost of a implanted supported denture over 6 implants will range from $4000 USD to $6500 USD depending on the type of implant supported denture you get, Please contact the clinics directly to get a specific quote and what you are looking for.

Implant Supported Porcelain Bridge (8 Implants)

Implant Supported Porcelain Bridge 8 Implants
Implanted supported bridge is the top of the line treatment for edentoulus patients, Usually costs around 8 to 12 K per Arch. It is important to find a quality provider for this treatment as they are complex and expensive. When looking for a provider look for a clinic that offer a screw retained bridge over a cemented bridge. Screw retained bridges, Also known as Prettau Bridges, Zirconia Superstructures have the advantage that they can be removed for repairs, maintenance, or in case of emergencies. Contact the dentist listed on our website to find the best restoration for you available.
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