Oral hygiene after surgery in the oral cavity

After the surgery in the oral cavity you must be very careful with rinsing and aggressive brushing at least for 24 hours. You have to rinse your mouth with water and do not use mouthwash. After 24 hours, the mouth can be rinsed with physiological solution or with a bit of salt dissolved in the water (it is recommended to put a teaspoon of salt for 2 dl of water).

That way the sensitive area is kept clean. The rinse can be made several times a day. If after extraction of the tooth,in the wound, there are still some small pieces, do not try to take them out yourself, but expect to fall on their own or go back to the dentist.

Smokers should abstain from smoking at least 24 hours after surgery in the oral cavity. Smoking slows the healing process and can cause wound infections.

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