Prices for Dental Crowns in Mexico

Your dentist may recommend that you undergo a dental crown procedure for one of several reasons: you have a particularly weak tooth that needs to be held together or requires a bridge; you have a tooth that is extremely discolored; or you wish to have a crown placed for cosmetic reasons.

There are several types of crowns that can be used, including ceramic, porcelain, resin, and stainless steel (cosmetic crowns are usually made of porcelain or ceramic).

PFM Crown

  • Mexico prices for PFM Dental Crowns $160 to $550 USD

Ceramic Crown

  • Mexico prices for Ceramic Crown $200 to $667 USD

Zirconia Crown

  • Mexico prices for Zirconia Crown $157 to $677 USD

Temporay Crown

  • Mexico prices for Temporay Crown $10 to $667 USD

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