Costs and Prices for Dentures in Mexico

When teeth cannot be saved due to gross decay or periodontal disease your dentist may recommend immediate dentures.

The Immediate dentures allow patients have their dentures on the same day their teeth are removed.

In the lab ist modeled the denture and fabricated the immediate denture.

The denture will require adjustments and relining to make it fit better.

Immediate Dentures

  • Mexico prices for Immediate Dentures $130 to $836 USD

Temporary Partial or Flipper

  • Mexico prices for Temporary Partial or Flipper $50 to $350 USD

Partial Denture Metal Frame

  • Mexico prices for Partial Denture Metal Frame $198 to $650 USD

Flexible Partial Dentures

  • Mexico prices for Flexible Partial Dentures $252 to $834 USD

Acrylic Dentures

  • Mexico prices for Acrylic Dentures $200 to $1,340 USD

Full Denture

  • Mexico prices for Full Denture $230 to $1,386 USD

Recent in the market appears a new material most durable and lighter that others.

Crystal Ultra®Is the Strongest Nano-Ceramic on the Market

This material is called the Crystal Ultra is a nano-ceramic material that is produced through a proprietary manufacturing process which creates a chemical bond between highly-specialized silanized glass and polymer materials This chemical bond is the key to the higher compressive strength of Crystal Ultra®, compared to other hybrid or ceramic materials that are formed without a chemical bond.

Crystal Ultra® is the unique nanoceramic gives functional and esthetic properties that make it truly one of a kind for restorative dental applications further gives compressive strength simulates chewing forces and at 490 MPa, Crystal Ultra® is the strongest material among composites and traditional ceramics.

cristal lab denture

Crystal Ultra® Hybrid Denture creates the ideal combination of high-esthetics and incredible functionality.

Ask your dentist what is type of materials what they work´s.

By comparison, non-hybrid ceramics are harder than enamel, making them less pliable and forgiving, causing an unnatural “clacky” sound and feel when the patient bites down.

We can recommend to you dental clinics in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tijuana and Los Cabos that are integrated this material for made more precise dental restorations.

Crystal Ultra® The Most Functional, Esthetic Dental Material

Beautiful The light absorbing characteristics of Crystal Ultra® create an esthetic look that is unparalleled

cristal lab denture


  • Creates a highly esthetic look with strong translucent properties
  • Shock absorbent, soft bite feels like natural dentition
  • 60% lighter than Zirconia-based arches
  • 6x stronger than Acrylic-based arches
  • Highly durable and resistant to chipping
  • Impervious to liquids and staining

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