gum reshaping

Gum surgery

Price in USA/Canada: $600, in Mexico you can Save: 80%

Gum surgery – Dental Treatment

During the surgery. The surgeon folds the gums back to form a flap in order to access the tissue below the gums. The infected tissue below and between the teeth is removed, and the surgeon then follows with tooth scaling and root planing to remove plaque and bacteria below the gum line.

See the video if you need more information about of how is the dental procedure for Gum surgery.

In Mexico you can Save 80% for the same treatment.


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Gum surgery - Prices In Mexico

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Cancun Dental Specialists
Cancun Dental Specialists
Price: $350 USD
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Implant Dental Center Tijuana, Rosarito, Guadalajara
Price: $145 USD
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circle dental group
Circle Dental Group
Price: $ 150 USD
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dental laser
Dental Laser Algodones
Price: $384 USD
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Dr. Javier Saldivar Dds.
Dr. Javier Saldivar Dds.
Price: $42 USD
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Doctores Ruiz And Magana
Doctores Ruiz And Magana
Price: $47 USD
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coral dental center
Coral Dental Center
Price: $408 USD
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Dentoamerica – Puerto Vallarta
Price: $120 USD
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