pfm bridge

PFM Bridge

In USA/Canada the price is nearly $900 in Mexico you can save 36%

PFM Bridge – Treatment

The PFM Bridge is a substructure metallic placed under the porcelain bridge, with this reduce the risk of will crack, chip, or break. These metallic substructures are cast in the lab with various quality levels of metal alloys.

In Mexico you can Save 36% for the same treatment.
PFM Bridge

Prices of Dental Clinics in Mexico

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Liberty Dental Clinicliberty dental clinic

Tijuana, Baja California,

Price: $675 USD
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Sani Dental GroupSani Dental Group

Los Algodones Baja California

Price: $ 480 USD
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Artell Dental Centerartell dental center

Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas

Price: $ 580 USD
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Cancun Dental Specialists

Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo Cancún

Price: $ 450 USD
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Dental Alvarezdental alvarez

Tijuana, Baja California,

Price: $ 750 USD
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Brio DentalBrio Dental

Juarez, Chihuahua,

Price: $299 USD
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