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Same-Day Teeth


Same-day teeth, the truth behind teeth in a day. Please understand the concept so you don’t get mislead to wrong providers that don’t provide this treatment. Same-day teeth Can Either be one of 3 Things, Restoration, Surgical (Including Implants), Surgical and Restorative.


Same-day teeth

  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Bridges

Can All Be Done In One Day, Without Complications, with In-Office Cad/Cam Equipment.


Same-day teeth

  • Dental Implant
  • Extractions
  • Bonegrafting
  • Gum Surgeries

Surgical Treatments, Can Be Done With Precaution In Same Day Dentistry, Look For Specialists And Clinics With Lasers, 3d Imaging,Cad/Cam Equipment, 3-D Printing.


Same-day teeth

Immidiate load with implants and restoration is usually never, Done with the final restoration in-mind. It is used as a temporary solution while implant integrate, tissue eals, Infections heal, medications. Bewary of dental clinics that promise everything at once, look for bigger providers, with the correct doctors credential, technologies and services.


Increased Costs and growing market in Mexico bringing high quality dentistry cheaper as costs keep rising in the U.S and Canada make us search for cheaper alternatives abroaod. Mexico is one of the top providers for same day dentistry, with many qualified clinics in Los Algodones, Tijuana, Mexico City, Cancun. Same day restorative treatments can be a great way to save money. In just one day you could save thousands or much needed dental work, Sounds Like a No Brainer Right? And it should be please becareful when choosing a provider contact each clinic, Check credential, equipment, protocols prior to going. Any clinic offering these treatment should be able to send you a video or a picture of thier cad/cam equipment which they have to use to provide same day dentistry. If they do not have this equipment bewary as you are being mislead.Large Inventory, All The Equipment, Cad/Cam Equipment, 3-D Xray, Other Advance dental technologies are needed to provide same day dentistry the “Dentist” knowledge is not enough.


Surgical procedures are riskier to do in one day. What the rush?, Don’t force a doctor to preform something that shouldn’t be done in one day, Medicine takes time. Make the correct decision when choosing a provider for one day surgical procedures. In order to preform these one-day procedures correctly you should find a doctor with a specialty or certified courses for that procedure. Also technology in very important if they do not have an in-office 3d x-ray, cad/cam equipment, lasers, sterilaztion, special equipment, up-date clinic bewary. Know a days dentist can 3-D print guides, and Scan intraorally and get better results but most providers in Mexico or Even back home in the U.S or Canada have this.



Some surgical and restorative treatments can be done in one day like crown lenghtening and a same day crown, or an immediate load denture on a All on 4 or Implant Treatment.


Definition of Loading Strategies for Dental Implants
Immediate LoadingEnhaced primary stabilityLoading is temporally irrelevant with respect to osseointegrationImplant placement with primary stability and prosthetic loading occurs at the same clinical visit
Early LoadingPrimary stabilityLoading after onset of osteogenesis, prior to attaining osseointegrationImplant loading occurs 2-3 weeks after implant placement
Conventional LoadingPrimary stabilityLoading after osteogenesis and woven bone remodeling to load-bearing lamellar boneImplants are loaded 3-6 months after healing in a submerged or nonsbmerged mucosal orientation
Delayed LoadingStability LimitedLoading after protracted period and process of bone formation invilving low-dentistry or augmented boneLoading 6-12 months after implants are placed without primary stability, when implants are placed into bone of low density, when implants are placed into extraction or concomitant with boone grafting without significant primary stability

Very important thing  we as patient have to take into consideration when determining if immediate loading on Implant Treatments.

  • 1. Amount of Bone its Density and quality – You Need a 3-D X-Ray To Verify This
  • 2. Initial Stability of the implants
  • 3. Shape and Type of Gum
  • 4. Restoration type and implant design
  • 5. Your Bite (Occlusion)

These are all thing that you are going to want to go over with your dentist. There is great equipment to mesure implant stablity like ISQ by Ostell, Restoration can vary be sure you are getting the best restoration available.Take a look at this chart to better understand how doctors decide on loading cases. Not everyone is a candidate like misleading marketing states.


Averages prices vary in Mexico, Usually border clinics are a little cheaper than clinics located in tourist locations.

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