Tijuana Dentist Prices

Tijuana Dentists Price List, Compare Prices Between Most Clinics in TJ

Dental crowns Tijuana

PFM Crown Tijuana

Average Cost Of Dental Crowns in Tijuana for Porcelain Fused To Metal Range From $200 USD to $400 USD. Gold Crowns, Zirconia Crowns and Ceramic Crowns are considered better materials than porcelain fused to metal. It is important if you are getting porcelain fused to metal that the clinic you choose uses a noble metal. Some cheaper facilities use metal with beryllium which can be harmful.

Porcelain Crowns Tijuana

The Most Common All Porcelain Crown material in Mexico and in almost the rest of the world is called E.Max All Porcelain By Ivoclar Vivadent. This All Porcelain Crowns made of reinforced lithium disilicate ceramic which is the one of the strongest porcelains in the market. All Porcelain Crowns are great for aesthetic cases, Front teeth but can also be used for back teeth. The average cost of Ceramic Crowns in Tijuana Can Range From $280 USD For Cash Payment at Certain Locations to $550 USD At Premium Locations.

Zirconia Crown Tijuana

Zirconia is a new material that grew in popularity vary fast changing the trend of porcelain fused to metal to no metal all zirconia crowns. Zirconia Crowns are manufactured on Cad/Cam systems and are very precise and high quality, The average cost of zirconia crowns in TJ can be anywhere from $250 USD to $550 USD

Temporary Crown Tijuana

Most Temporary Crowns are not charged by dentist in Tijuana Although if they are long term temporaries manufactured in a cad/cam machine, The average cost can range from $100 USD to $200 USD, Some places will reimburse you this when you come back to get the permanent crowns. The average Cost For Short Term Temporaries can range to $50 USD, While Long Term PMMA Temps are in the one hundred range.

Dental Veneers Tijuana

Porcelain Veneers Tijuana

The Average Cost of Veneers in Tijuana Can Range From $280 USD to $550 USD, There are many different techniques for porcelain veneers and materials, Each case is different, To get an exact quote for your veneer case please contact us and you will receive quotes from the top dentist in Tijuana for Veneers. Thin Veneers, Shell Veneers, Lumineers Might be an option for you.

Zirconia Veneer Tijuana

Zirconia tends to be a very opaque material so it’s not commonly used for Veneer cases. The average cost of zirconia veneers is around $450 USD Per tooth in Tijuana, Porcelain veneers or composite veneers are more common in dental tourism

Composite Veneers Tijuana

Composite Teeth Bonding or Composite Veneers in Tijuana are usually charged per tooth, The average cost per tooth of each composite veneer is around $180 US. Composite Veneers are a great minimally invasive technique for patient that don’t want to wear down there teeth, The average lifetime of composite veneers can range from 2-years to 8-years with some maintenance necessary in those periods

Dentures Tijuana

Immediate Dentures Tijuana

Immediate dentures are manufactured after you have you all your teeth extracted they are usually cheaper than permanent dentures because they are done immediately after the procedure and tend to not have the best fit because of the swelling and changes in your gums. Once your gums are healed you will need to get the re-done or realigned, the average cost for immediate dentures in Tijuana ranges from $250 USD to $400 USD Per Dentures/Arch.

Temporary Partial or Flipper Tijuana

Temporary Fillipers can be done in-office, they are usually considered a temporary solution, Used as a temporary for implants or while something is healing. The average cost of a Flipper or Partial Denture in Tijuana ranges from $100 USD to $300 USD depending on how many teeth and the extent of work needed.

Partial Denture Metal Frame Tijuana

Metal Frame Partial Dentures are considered a the best option for patients that want high retention and maybe don’t mind a little metal in the denture. The metal used for metal frame is usually Chrome Cobalt, The average cost of a Bilateral Mid Size Metal Frame Partial Dentures in Tijuana is $550 USD

Flexible Partial Dentures Tijuana

Flexible Partial Dentures are very common dentures type, The average cost of flexible dentures ranges between $200 USD to $450 USD in Tijuana

Acrylic Dentures Tijuana

Acrylic Dentures can range anywhere from $200 USD to $750 USD for a set why the difference? Because there is different materials and quality of teeth and workmanship usually you can find dentures at a relatively same cost as in the U.S, only around 30% cheaper. Look for a dentist in Tijuana that will provide you with the highest quality denture at a reasonable cost. Immediate dentures tend to be cheaper as they are usually intern while your mouth is healing form the extractions.

Dentures Tijuana

Dentures in Tijuana can be delivered at most clinics in 24 hours to 2 days. The average cost of each Dentures Either Upper OR Lower is $500 USD For Premium Dentures, It is important your dentist in Tijuana has a in-house Lab or works with a good dental technicians for optimal results.

Diagnostics Tijuana

Panoramic Dental X-Ray Tijuana

Panoramic Dental X-rays in Tijuana have a Cost of Around $10 USD to $30 USD, There are a couple X-Ray centres in Tijuana where you can get one taken and some dentist have them inside there dental clinics as well and don’t charge you for them if you are getting treatment.

3D Dental X-Ray Tijuana

3D Dental X-rays are one of the best diagnostic tools available to dentist, There are X-ray Centers That charge depending on the size of the volume (Size of X-ray) Anywhere from $50 USD to $100 USD, Some Clinic in Tijuana that have 3D x-rays in there office don’t

Braces Tijuana

Damon Braces Tijuana

Damon Clear Braces are considered better quality than regular metal braces, Damon Braces use a fixed,passive, self-ligating method to fix your teeth. The self-ligating systems use brackets that do not require elastic o-rings to hold the wires in place. When shopping around in Tijuana for Braces or when researching braces cost in Tijuana it is important to consider the type of bracket that will be placed and if the dentist is a general dentist or a specialist in orthodontics. We recommend when travelling abroad to always search for a facility that has a certified orthodontics for braces treatment in Tijuana.

Invisalign Tijuana

Invisalign Tijuana can be a great option for patient living in California. Invisalign prices in Tijuna tend to be anywhere from 30% to 50% cheaper than in US. Numerous visits are required over an extended period of time for these treatment so it is recommended that you factor in travel costs for the treatment. The Average cost of Invisalign Treatment in Tijuana Can Range From $2000 USD For a single Arch to $5000 USD for a Complex Case.

Ceramic Braces Tijuana

Ceramic braces are basically the same as metal braces, with the exception of having a Clear Ceramic Bracket that stands out less than metal braces. The main advantage of ceramic braces is the aesthetics during the treatment if you don’t mind paying a bit more for aesthetic braces. Ceramic Braces might be an option for you. The Average cost for one arch easy treatment is around $600 USD to Complex treatment can cost around $3000 USD at Maximum in Tijuana.

Metal Braces Tijuana

Getting Braces in Tijuana can Cost Around $400 USD For The initial placement for metal braces. Each consultation after that usually ranges from $60 USD to $120 USD with a total of anywhere from 8 consultations to 36 consultations depending on the extent of the treatment. We recommend you find a certified orthodontist in Tijuana for better and more predictable outcomes. Send us a message to get quotes from different orthodontist in Tijuana.

Braces Tijuana

How Much Do Braces Cost in Tijuana? Braces in Tijuana Cost on Average For Metal Braces Can be as cheap as $400 US To Complex Treatments in the Thousands. For an Exact Quote Fill Out or contact form to get exact answer like if you get braces in mexico can they get tightened in America or Canada?. Getting Braces in Tijuana or Mexico can save you money or compensate for vacations costs if travel to tourist destinations instead of Tijuana. There are many locations where you can find cheap braces in Tijuana mexico and still receive a quality treatment.

Child Braces Tijuana

Children Braces Treatments in Mexico prices range from $400 USD for simple cases to much more if appliances are needed, multiple visits, sketel growth involved. We highly recommend you to fill out or contact form so we can put you in touch with the best orthodontist in Mexico for your child’s braces treatments.

Dental Bridges Tijuana

3-Unit Bridge Tijuana

3-Unit Bridges Prices Are Calculated by Unit (Teeth). Each Tooth in a Bridges Average cost can range from $250 USD to $500 USD, Depending on type of material and other factors. The average cost for a 3-unit bridge in Tijuana can be around $750 USD t0 1500 USD. Contact us so we can put you in touch with the best dental specialists (Prosthodontist) For your bridge. We recommend you find a clinic with cad/cam equipment and that offer you the highest quality materials like zirconia or porcelain for your work.

Maryland Bridge Tijuana

Maryland Bridges are very common for temporary restorations, for minimally invasive techniques, The average cost of a Maryland Bridge of 1 Tooth is around $500 USD in TJ Mexico.

Fillings Tijuana

Composite Filling Tijuana

Composite fillings prices can range depending on the amount of surfaces involved, the average price for a one surface filling in Tijuana is $40 USD, Two Surface Filling $60 USD, 3 Surface Filling $80 USD and 4 Surface Filling $100 USD. Fill out our contact form for Tijuana Top Dental Specialists to contact you

Inlay or Onlay Tijuana

Inlay Tijuana

Inlays can be made out of porcelain or composite. Porcelain inlays tend to be more expensive averaging about $250 USD while Composite Inlays range around $120 USD.

Onlay Tijuana

Onlays are generally charged the same as a Crown, The average cost of porcelain on-lays in Tijuana is around $400 USD. Onlays are made outside of your mouth manufactured in a lab out of porcelain or sometimes zirconia.

Other Procedures Tijuana

Dental Bonding Tijuana

Teeth Bonding or Dental Bonding In Tijuana is Charged Per Tooth, The average Cost Of a Single Tooth In Tijuana for Aesthetic Composite Teeth bonding can range from $100 USD to $250 USD Per Tooth.

Night Guard Tijuana

There are two common night guards made and offered to patients by dentist in Tijuana, Suck-Down Mouth guards are done in-office and can cost as little as $30 USD, While Custom made Night guards for people that clench or need to protect there teeth might cost up to $150 USD.

Gum surgery Tijuana

Gum Surgery in Tijuana can represent significant savings for dental tourist looking to get dental work in Tijuana. The average cost of gum surgery in Tijuana is around $200 USD Per Tooth, These prices can range as different materials and techniques are available. A Great technique for minimally invasive procedures is the Pinhole technique. Try and find a Periodontist that is certified in this procedure for optimal outcomes or fill out our contact form and well send out your details to the top clinics listed in Tijuana.

Extractions Tijuana

Extractions price can range from as cheap as $30 USD per Tooth for simple extractions to $150 USD for complicated extraction. These treatments are recommend to be done with a 3D scan prior to the procedures and by a certified Oral Surgeon or Maxilo Facial Surgeon. Feel Free to contact us and well give your details to our maxilofacial surgeons listed on our site.

Extraction (surgical or impacted) Tijuana

Surgical or impacted teeth might require IV sedation or sleep dentistry, If this is not neccesary the average cost for a surgical extraction of an impacted tooth in Tijuana cost around $80 USD to $200 USD

Wisdom Teeth Removal Tijuana

Wisdom Teeth or 3rd Molars Average cost in Tijuana Ranges from $100 USD to $250 USD for impacted widow tooth. These prices are per tooth most people have either all 4 or just 2 needed to be extracted. These treatments are recommend to be preformed by a Oral surgeon in Tijuana or a Maxilo-Facial Surgeon in Tijuana.

Gingival Flap Surgery Tijuana

Gingival Flap Surgeries in Tijuana have an average cost of $200 USD for a small flap to $1200 USD for more complex cases, We recommend you find a periodontist for this treatment for best results.

Root Canal Tijuana

Root Canal Tijuana

Root Canal Treatments in Tijuana can Range from as Cheap as $100 USD for a Front Tooth Preformed by a general dentist to $350 USD for back complex tooth preformed by a certified endodontist with a microscope, 3D imaging and the latest technologies. Depending on your budget and your needs we can recommend you a top quality dentist at an affordable price.

Molar Root Canal Tijuana

Root Canals on Molar Teeth should be preformed by an endodontist. The average cost of a root canal on a molar is $250 USD, Also take into consideration most of the time you will need a post and core build up and a crown to protect your tooth, This can add another $500 USD to complete that tooth. To get an exact quote contact us and we will put you in contact with the top Endodontist in Mexico

Teeth Whitening Tijuana

Zoom!Teeth Whitening Tijuana

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a very well known product the exact same Teeth Whitening procedure in Tijuana will cost you around $100 USD to $200 USD, Depending on the clinic.

Laser Whitening Tijuana

Laser teeth Whiteining procedures are the most common Teeth whitening procedure in Mexico the average cost for teeth whitening is $100 USD, Teeth Cleaning might be recommended as well prior to the teeth whitening procedure teeth cleaning have an average cost of $50 uSD.

Home Whitening Kit Tijuana

At Home Whitening Trays in Tijuana have an average cost of $150 USD Per KIT, Each Kit will include your mouth guards and the whitening material. Home whitening is the best way to get bleach white teeth, It is recommend to get an in-office whitening and the home whitening kit to lighten them more or keep the colour. You must follow a 48 Hour White Diet After the procedure.

Dental Implants Tijuana

Bone Graft Tijuana

Details: Bone grafting Treatment in Tijuana can range in price anywhere from $150 USD to $700 USD to more extensive bone grafting procedures. Bone grating varies in the amount of bone lose the patient has, the quality of the bone used, the origins of the bone used (Cadaver, Synthetic, Patient Own Bone). Also Depends on the type of bonegrafting treatment that will be require like ridge preservation(Bone grafting after extraction) , Ridge Augmentation (Mayor Bonegrafting), Sinus Lift (Upper Molar Area). Find out more about bonegrafting and different costs and prices of dental clinics in Tijuana.

All on Four Tijuana

Details: All on 4 Treatments in Tijuana Consist in a couple factors, The amount of bone available, The type of final restoration, And the Temporary restoration. Usually these treatments are done in two phases, The first phase might include 4 implants and a temporary restoration and a final restoration usually a fixed hybrid denture. Implants range from $700 – 1200 USD each around $2800 to $4800 USD, the temporary restoration from $350 to $1500, and Final Fixed Hybrid denture at around $3500-$6500 USD per Arch. It is important to find a location that does these treatment screw retained not cemented, has all the equipment and technologies available like 3D Scans, Digital Dentistry, Cad/Cam Lab in order to do these treatments correctly in a short time frame.

All on Six Tijuana

Details: All on 6 Treatment in a great option for patients that have good bone, are willing to do sinus lifts, need more support than just 4 implants or what a heavier restoration like a prettau bridge (Full Arch zirconia restoration). Prices usually incresase around 20% compared to the all on 4 Treatment. It is important to find a clinic that will do this restoration screw-retained and no cemented as cemented restoration coannot be removed and are a risk in the long run. The average price for a All on 6 with a fixed hybrid denture or prettau bridge restoration is around $6000 USD for the Surgical phase and $6000 USD per the restorative phase per Arch, This is for the average person with bonelose,periodontal desease, sedation, implants , etc,etc. Find out the different costs of all on 6 with qualified providers.

Sinuslift Tijuana

Details: There are two different types of sinus lifts, Crestal sinus lift, and lateral sinus lift, Also known as sinus aumentation. Your sinuses are located in the upper molar area anywhere from your premolars to your 3rd molar. The middle cost of a sinus lift in Tijuana is approx $700 USD for a crestal sinus lift like illustrated on the image, to up $1500 USD for a sinus lift thru lateral window. Find different clinics that offer Sinus Lift treatment in Tijuana Compare cost,credentials, equipment between the best dental clinics.

Implant Crown Tijuana

Details: Implant Crowns can be of a couple materials, Metal-Metal Fused to Porcelain, Gold, All Porcelain, Zirconia. Prices for Metal-Fused to Porcelain Implant Crown usually cost around $250-$370 USD, Gold implant crown costs around $400-750 USD, All Porcelain Crowns Cost around $300-$550 USD, Zirconia Crowns $350 USD to $600 USD. These are the average prices for implant crowns in Tijuana, Get a quote and find out more regarding these treatments at the following links.

Mini Implant Tijuana

Details: Mini Dental Implants are a great solution for snap on dentures for edentoulus patients. Patients with big infections severe bone lose or mutliple extractions sometimes are not the best candidates for mini implants. Mini implants work great for people that are currently using implants and have a small bone ridge. The average cost of each mini implant in Tijuana ranges from $350 USD to $500 USD per mini implant. Mini implants are commonly used for snap on dentures and sometimes for single tooth restorations.

Titanium Dental Implant

Details: Titanium Dental Implant is the most commonly used implant in dentistry, other options like zirconium implants are available now but haven’t been in the market long enough to determine their success. Most providers in Tijuana for dental implants provide tianium implants, The price for the implant placement only not including the restoration ranges anywhere from $700 USD to $1100 USD. Prices may vary if you are getting multiple implants, if you have bone lose, if you need extractions and other factors alike.

Implant Supported Overdenture (2 Implants) Tijuana

Details: Implant Supported Snap on Dentures with 2 implants is an affordable solution to getting a better fit on your dentures. The average prices for this treatment is around $3000 USD divided in two phases the surgical phase and the restorative phase. The average cost for the two implants is usually around $1800 USD if not extractions are needed and the cost of new dentures with housing and o-rings are around $1200 USD. Compare costs between providers in Tijuana and get rid of you loose dentures once and for all.
  • Prices Range in Tijuana For Implant Supported Overdenture (2 Implants) $2,450 USD to $3,450 USD

Implant Supported Overdenture (4 Implants) Tijuana

Details: Implant Supported Snap on denture over 4 implants provide more and better retention than less implants, the cost goes up by the two implants but the rest of the prices stay around the same price. The average costs for this treatment for both the surgical and restorative phase is around $4600 USD. Get a quote from the best providers for Click in dentures, snap on dentures or over dentures in all of Tijuana. Another great advantage of getting 4 implants instead of 3 or 2 is that with 4 implants you can upgrade your snap on dentures to a fixed hybrid restoration if your budget permits it and you would like something fixed instead of removable.
  • Prices Range in Tijuana For Implant Supported Overdenture (4 Implants) $4,450 USD to $7,400 USD

Implant Supported Overdenture (6 Implants) Tijuana

Details: Implanted supported dentures over 6 implants are a great way to provide great stability and long term treatment, the bite force is evenly distributed over the 6 implants causing less stress on the implants. The average cost of a implanted supported denture over 6 implants will range from $4000 USD to $6500 USD depending on the type of implant supported denture you get, Please contact the clinics directly to get a specific quote and what you are looking for.
  • Prices Range in Tijuana For Implant Supported Overdenture (6 Implants) $6,000 USD to $8,750 USD

Implant Supported Porcelain Bridge (8 Implants) Tijuana

Details: Implanted supported bridge is the top of the line treatment for edentoulus patients, Usually costs around 8 to 12 K per Arch. It is important to find a quality provider for this treatment as they are complex and expensive. When looking for a provider look for a clinic that offer a screw retained bridge over a cemented bridge. Screw retained bridges, Also known as Prettau Bridges, Zirconia Superstructures have the advantage that they can be removed for repairs, maintenance, or in case of emergencies. Contact the clinics listed on our website to find the best restoration for you available.
  • Prices Range in Tijuana For Implant Supported Porcelain Bridge (8 Implants) $7,000 USD to $11,650 USD

Dentist Prices

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Average Price For Treatment

Dental TreatmentPrice
Regular Teeth Cleaning$40 us
Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planing (per quadrant)$60 us
Teeth Whitening$180 us
Teeth Whitening, take home kit$150 us
Composite Filling$40 us
Composite Filling (1 surface)$50 us
Composite Filling (2 surface)$60 us
Composite Filling (3 surface)$70-$80 us
Extraction (simple)$60 us
Extraction (surgical or impacted)100 -$120 us
Inlay/Onlay$300 us
Temporary Partial or Flipper$150 us
Partial Denture, Acrylic Frame$150 us
Partial Denture, Metal Frame$300 us
Partial Denture, Flexible Frame$350 us
Immediate Dentures (Upper/Lower)$450 us
Permanent Denture Acrylic Teeth (Upper/Lower)$450 us
Permanent Denture Porcelain Teeth (Upper/Lower)$600 us
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal (premolar)$250 us
Root canal  (molar)$280 us
Post/Core$100 us
Build-up$75 us


Initial Examination/ConsultationFREE
Single X-Ray (bitewing or periapical)$10 us
Panoramic X-Rays$20 us
CT Scan/3D X-ray$100 us
Other ProceduresPrice
Local AnestheticsFREE
IV Sedation (by anesthesiologist)$250 1 hour
Night guard (hard plastic)$150 us
Night guard (soft plastic)$150 us
PRF (platelet rich plasma)$200 us
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy)$299 us
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (precious alloy)$350 us
Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown$500 us
Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown$450 us
Zirconia Crown$450 us
Porcelain Veneer$450 us
Zirconia Veneer$500 us
Composite Veneer (direct bonding)$100 us
Emax Crown (same day crown)$450 us
Implant ProceduresPrice
Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only)$800 us
Standard Implant Crown (including abutment)$700 us
Titanium Dental Implant (including abutment and standard crown)$1500 us
Zirconia Dental Crown for Implant (metal free)$450 us
Bone graft (small)$350 us
Bone graft (large)$500 us
Sinus lifting$1200 us

Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 4 implants)

Call for Price
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 6 implants)Call for Price
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 8 implants)Call for Price
Implants Supported Porcelain Bridge, Full Arch (with 4 implants)Call for Price
Implants Supported Porcelain Bridge, Full Arch (with 6 implants)Call for Price
Implants Supported Porcelain Bridge, Full Arch (with 8 implants)Call for Price
“All on Four” System with fixed acrylic bridgeCall for Price
“All on Six” System with fixed acrylic bridgeCall for Price
Metal Braces$2000 us
Clear Braces$3000 us

Additional Information


Dental Insurance can significantly help you pay for your treatment in Tijuana, The Questions Many Patients ask is Do Dentist in Tijuana Accept American Insurance?. If you have Delta Dental, Aetna Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, Cigna Dental insurance, Denta Max, Metlife Dental, United Concordia, Alberta Blue Cross, Among others. Some clinics offer direct reimbursement meaning they will charge the insurance company, other dental clinic in Tijuana fill out the forms and give you all the information necessary and you will fill the reimbursement yourself.


Other Costs


There are different ways to get to Tijuana, by land and air, such as:

  • Travel by airplane
  • Travel by bus
  • Rent a car
  • Travel in own car

Consider any of these options, would generate an extra investment in your dental trip, because of the price of the plane ticket per person, a bus ticket per person, when opting for these methods to get to Tijuana, you should consider how to transported around the city, considering the price of the daily rent of a car or the price of public transport in the city. Even If you want to travel in your own car, you should consider that you will have to fill the tank constantly and the toll fees.


In many occasions, the dental clinics offer the patient the option of choosing a hotel to follow up on their treatment, which includes the price within the package offered by the clinic, otherwise this is the case. Hosting method, such as:

  • Conventional hotels
  • Airbnb
  • Hostels
  • Motels


When making a trip, you cannot abstain from tasting the food offered by the place you visit and due to simple biological necessity, the body needs to be fed, which generates an additional expense in your dental trip, since there is a wide range of foods, each carries a different cost to the other, said options would be:

  • Street food
  • Fast food
  • Restaurants
  • Prepare your own food

Payment Tips

Credit cards, traveler's checks and cash are the payment methods that some dental clinics in Tijuana accept for their treatments, payment methods with credit cards and travelers checks, are the most recommended by clinics, due to the safety it offers to the patient during his dental trip in Tijuana

payment tips

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