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Tijuana Dentists prices are most affordable in compare with the cost in USA

Tijuana Dentist prices

It is wise to be open to other alternatives that can help you save on dental care and on money as well. Tijuana offers a wide range of dental services with reasonable prices that won’t drain your bank account. For example, adult braces would cost you an average of $5,000 in the US or Canada, but you can have this procedure in Tijuana for an average of $500.

Why have panoramic x-rays that usually cost $150 each, when you can get take advantage of a discounted rate of $40? Fillings would probably be the most common fix to dental problems, but imagine paying as much as $170 per tooth is the US? In Tijuana, there are dental clinics that offer fillings for as low as $35! You can be assured that only the best services are offered here– high quality coupled with reasonable and sensible rates.

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