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Maria Graciela Herrera Guajardo Clinic

maria graciela

The dental clinic of Dr. Maria Graciela Herrera Guajardo is in Reynosa, which is located on the banks of the Rio Grande, and just over the US-Mexico border from Hidalgo in Texas. Established in 1990, we are a convenient location for visitors from North-America to come for the affordable dental care they can rely on.

How frequently should you visit the dentist?

If you do not have problems with your teeth, you should visit the dentist at least every 6 months. This goes for most of persons, but your dentist will know what is best for you. After the visit, your dentist will tell you when to visit him again. The lucky ones will have to visit the dentist once or twice a year. But, if you do not belong to this group, you should be more careful. 
Maybe you could be a person with highest risk for dental diseases if you have diabetes, inflammation of the gums, if your immune system is not enough strong or if, in your case, the plaque and tartar accumulate faster. It is very important to maintain your teeth healthy and with control and regular teeth cleaning you will have some great advantages such as:
-the problems will be discovered at the beginning
-you will maintain your physical health
-prevention from the cancer of the mouth
-prevention from gum diseases
-healthy and beautiful smile
-prevention from bad breath
-and, also very important, you will use your medical insurance that you pay regularly.                             

Tips For Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean And Safe

In the top of the picture we can see the worst place to put the toothbrush in the bathroom if there is also your toilet bowl.
On your toothbrush, in fact, there can be more than 100 million bacteria and the role of your toothbrush is to remove them from your teeth. Most of us will recognize ourselves in what follows – the toothbrushes are in the bathroom, close to the sink and probably with other toothbrushes of other family members. THIS IS WRONG!!! 
Very often, in our bathrooms there is also a toilet bowl. Some of the researches have shown that, in such cases, there can be even different stool on our toothbrushes. It is true, yes, and it does not sound very nice, but it is just like that. Things like that happen in places that are not very big. It is also recommended to avoid the contact between toothbrushes because if you have some problem in your mouth, your family members do not have to have it too, and vice versa. 
So, try to place your toothbrush in the bathroom closet, dry them thoroughly after using them and avoid contact with other toothbrushes.  

Temporary Teeth

In the case of some bigger dental reconstructive or aesthetic intervention you do not have to go home without teeth while you wait for the new ones. For such situations, there are the temporary teeth or dentures. 
They are made from imprints taken before the beginning of the intervention, the dentist can do them in his dental practice or they can be made in the dental laboratory. The temporary teeth are not used only for aesthetic purposes but also protect the treated tooth until the end of therapy. 
If  we have to wait our new teeth for a week, the temporary teeth will be often made by the dentist. If  we have to wait  a bit more, the temporary teeth will be made in the dental laboratory. The temporary teeth are not stable and strong as the new permanent teeth, so we have to treat them with more attention.

Bees wax as dental filling


There are not a lot of evidences of dental care in the prehistory and the older ones belong to the period of the Early Neolithic. In the territory of Slovenia was found a 6500 years old human jaw. The crown of the left canine contains traces of bees wax filling.

Oral hygiene after surgery in the oral cavity

After the surgery in the oral cavity you must be very careful with rinsing and aggressive brushing at least for 24 hours. You have to rinse your mouth with water and do not use mouthwash. After 24 hours, the mouth can be rinsed with physiological solution or with a bit of salt dissolved in the water (it is recommended  to put a teaspoon of salt for 2 dl of water). That way the sensitive area is kept clean. The rinse can be made several times a day. If after extraction of the tooth,in the wound,there are still some small pieces, do not try to take them out yourself, but expect to fall on their own or go back to the dentist. 
Smokers should abstain from smoking at least 24 hours after surgery in the oral cavity. Smoking slows the healing process and can cause wound infections.

Horace Wells Discovers Pain-free Dentistry


We have to thank Horace Wells every time when we sit in the dentist's chair before some bigger surgery that needs anesthesia. Horace Wells, American dentist (1815 – 1848) is credited for the beginning of application of anesthesia in dentistry. He was a very playful man inclined to experiments. Once, as a volunteer, he was present at the performance of a traveling circus where nitrous oxide, well known as laughing gas, was used. He was impressed with the effects of laughing gas and he realized that it could be applied in dental surgeries. The rest is history. In Europe, laughing gas is not used as anesthesia during the dental surgeries, but other types of dental anesthesia have their roots in his beginnings. 

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